El Arco Blanco Tequila Review

Tequila Aficionado’s Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss El Arco Blanco.

According to Gregory Meyer of El Arco Tequila Company:

The double oxygenation process is done post distillation by running the tequila over a stone like waterfall at 3 Mujeres (twice) right before bottling the blanco… This allows the tequila to oxygenate naturally and (open up) if you will…which we found produces a smoother tequila… There is no mechanical injection or force of Oxygen in the juice… We should probably explain that process better on our POS..everything we do at 3 Mujeres is “old process” “craft”..

This is done post distillation for all levels of tequila including all of the reposed class..

As you know we currently sell the Blanco and Anejo now in the US and will soon be bringing in our Rep and an Extra Anejo that is taking on a full 4 yr white oak barrel age and is to die for… 

It’s funny you say that it would be a great mixing tequila…you couldn’t be anymore right!… We have become a huge hit with mixologist as they love crafting cocktails with el Arco…we are very quickly becoming known as Mexico’s unofficial craft tequila and as such have been branding ourselves as such…


We have spread our wings to 7 states as of now and looking to turn on 3-5 more by spring of ’14

El Arco BlancoOhio




North Dakota


Rhode Island

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