Sauza’s Latest: Make it with a Cowboy Should Make You Laugh

sauza-2-290x290Sauza Does it Again

If you haven’t read my commentary on the Sauza marketing campaigns, you can catch up here.

Safe to say, I’m not a big fan of the dumb tequila commercial.  After watching all of the Sauza commercials, I’ve come to the conclusion that Sauza really wants to make us laugh with these ad spots.  Their hope, I’m sure, is that this ridiculousness will go viral and name recognition will spread.  They just want people to remember the name so the unknowing will buy Sauza brands when they walk into a liquor store.  I’m probably contributing to their mission but the latest campaign is just too lame not to share.  I’m still not keen on Sauza products, but if you must buy them, please buy 100% Agave tequilas.


Make it With a Lifeguard

Complete ridiculousness.  Don’t mix your drinks this way, but do laugh loudly.



Make it With a Fireman

Sidenote: A kitten does not make light beer better.




Make it With a Cowboy

He’s brushing the horse incorrectly.




Juicy gossip from a cowboy? Thanks, no.



The stirring part is just too silly not to laugh.



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