Tequila Nom List for 23Feb2015

Tequila Nom List

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Rick Thibault-Levy for working on our Nom List.  Thanks, Rick!

As previously, our tequila nom list contains the names and information of current brands and tequila distilleries as well as those that have previously appeared on NOM lists but have since been dropped by the CRT.


2014-11-03 21.02.38You’ll also find links (in bold red lettering) to all of our reviews and articles on tequilas within the nom list, whether you use the PDF of XLS version.

Please understand that this list is not a comprehensive list of every tequila brand ever made. We make every effort to be sure it is as accurate as possible from the time we at Tequila Aficionado Media began publishing our lists in 2013.

Click to download the format of your choice:

23 Feb 2015 Nom List in XLS

23 Feb 2015 Nom List in PDF

About Our NOM List of Tequilas & Distilleries

Tears of Llorona, tequila, Riedel stemware

Click on any RED link within the tequila nom list to see the Tequila Aficionado articles and reviews on that brand or distillery.*Color Coding*

Brands highlighted in Green are recent additions (see comment on Excel spreadsheet for first shown date)
Brands highlighted in Red did not appear on the current list (see comment on Excel spreadsheet for last shown date)
Brands highlighted in Blue are suspected of using a diffusor in production.