Last Tequila Standing: Criteria for Participation


Tequila Aficionado Media Presents Last Tequila Standing

Following is the schedule for the entire first season of Last Tequila Standing as it will air on Tequila Aficionado:



  • 1        Don Pilar Agave Nectar Margarita
  • 2        Don Pilar Tequila Tasting
  • 3        Azunia Tequila
  • 4        Azunia Spanish Sparkler
  • 5        Sal del Mar
  • 6        Riazul Tequila
  • 7        Senor Rio Tequila
  • 8        Senor Rio Tequila Margatini
  • 9        Mi Casa Tequila
  • 10      Tequila 101, Terroir, and Aging
  • 11      Silvercoin Tequila
  • 12      Silvercoin Tequila Sunset
  • 13      Silvercoin Tequila Margarita
  • 14      Silvercoin Tequila Neat
  • 15      Quinta de Gomez Tequila
  • 16      Why Judge Blancos
  • 17      Pavoneo Green & White
  • 18      Pavoneo Tequila Tasting
  • 19      Cuestion Tequila
  • 20      Cuestion Tequila Diablo Rose
  • 21      Cuestion Tequila Cantown
  • 22      Cuestion Tequila Uptown
  • 23      Crotalo Tequila
  • 24      Crotalo Tequila Shake & Snake Margarita
  • 25      Ekeco Tequila
  • 26      Casa ZG Sangrita
  • 27      Alquimia Natural Margarita
  • 28      Tasting a Vertical Flight with Alquimia
  • 29      Tributo Tequila
  • 30      Vida Tequila
  • 31      Tasting a Horizontal Flight


  • 1        Tequila Alderete
  • 2        Tequila Alderete Vallarta Splash
  • 3        Summary of Quality Discussion
  • 4        Manana Tequila Perfect Margarita
  • 5        Final Judging Notes
  • 6        Winners Announced


July, 2015, San Antonio, TX:  Starting July 24, 2015, National Tequila Day, 45 exclusive episodes of Last Tequila Standing will be streamed daily over Tequila Aficionado Media’s website and on-demand over its own YouTube playlist, as well as featured throughout all of its powerful social networks.

“Through the expansion of opportunities on the Web, and Tequila Aficionado

Last Tequila Standing.
Last Tequila Standing.

Media’s own explosive growth, we are proud to present for your enjoyment, Last Tequila Standing,” declared Tequila Aficionado’s CEO, M.A. “Mike” Morales.

Never-before-seen raw footage of some of the tequila industry’s most promising labels will be aired.  Each will relate their start up stories and demonstrate their tasty signature cocktails, too.

Colorful brand owners, master distillers, and top flight brand ambassadors took the stage with their enduring tequilas, many of which are still thriving even in 2015’s more competitive tequila market.

 The Dare

Judging_LTSIn the late summer of 2011, 18 brave tequila brands took up this challenge–

To appear on the first ever televised tequila reality show to share with the world their personal stories and to participate in a judged tasting competition to be named the Last Tequila Standing.

Rocky Road

As with most TV pilots and shows that are ahead of their time, Last Tequila Standing struggled to find a permanent network home.

“After a series of fits-and-starts, several failed business deals and cable company mergers that never happened, Last Tequila Standing was all but lost,” recounts Morales, a producer and one of the hosts of the show.

From the moment Season 1’s taping had wrapped, Morales worked tirelessly for months with the Executive Producers to try to fulfill the show’s original mission–

To educate and inform tequila aficionados worldwide in an entertaining fashion LTS_Cameraon the finer points of Mexico’s national spirit, as well as to help promote organic, artisanal, small batch, and boutique tequila Brands Of Promise(TM).

“But just a few years later, with the advent of streaming video made popular by services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, the playing field has changed dramatically,” adds Lisa Pietsch, Tequila Aficionado Media’s COO in charge of social media marketing.  “Last Tequila Standing lends itself perfectly to our binge watching audience.”

The Line-Up

Participating tequila brands include…

Alquimia Organic Tequila, Alma de Agave, Crótalo, Cuestión, Don Pilar, Tributo, SilverCoin,  and many others.

In addition, Sal del Mar gourmet sea salt, Casa ZG sangrita mix, and Nature’s Agave syrup are also highlighted.

Guest Starring

Alquimia and Quinta de Gomez, organic tequilas.
Alquimia and Quinta de Gomez, organic tequilas.

Along with Tequila Aficionado Media’s CEO and Tequila Journalist, M.A. “Mike” Morales, guest judges on Last Tequila Standing include Clayton J. Czczech, owner of the acclaimed agave spirits based tour companies, Experience Tequila and Experience Mezcal.

Also on hand to impart his vast tasting expertise is industry expert Christopher Zarus, inventor of the only take home tequila tasting kit, TequilaRack, which will also be featured extensively.

A Global Event

“Since the taping of Season 1 of Last Tequila Standing, the Tequila Industry has aggressively pursued global expansion into countries like China, Russia, India, and Brazil,” explains Morales.

“Given that our audience is not only viewing Tequila Aficionado from these locations,” asserts Pietsch, “but all across Canada, the United States, Germany and Mexico, we can truly say that the airing of Last Tequila Standing will be a global event of epic proportions!”


Watch for new episodes of Last Tequila Standing premiering every day–for 45 days–beginning on National Tequila Day, July 24, 2015 at 11AM CDT.