The Tequila Aficionado
2018 Great Festival Chase

We’re launching our 4th official outing and this will be the biggest agave adventure yet!

The Great Festival Chase

You’re receiving this exclusive invitation for one of two reasons:

brands of promise, nominee

You’ve raised the bar of craft agave spirits by being nominated and /or winning a coveted Tequila Aficionado Media Brand Of Promise© Award, or…

You've ridden with us before.

2018’s Adventure will take us to--

The Mammoth Margarita Festival

The Northwest Tequila Fest

The Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine

El Cholo Pasadena's Annual Tequila Tour

Here’s What You Get

Take a look at this mind-blowing agave excitement we have planned in addition to the 4 major festivals:

Tequila Aficionado Articles/Press Releases

Reaching up to 3 million people & press

Facebook Native Video

Touching 50,000 to 3 million agave spirit aficionados

Instagram Video & Meme

Exciting 53,000 to 3 million people

YouTube Video

Mesmerizing 375,000 to 3 million people

El Cholo's Annual Tequila Tour Event

Exciting the tastebuds of hundreds of consumers

A Great End-of-Year Campaign

Grabbing 15 million consumers

Altogether, just one of each piece of social content would quick draw at least 1.28 million and up to 15 million people.

Yeah--15 million.

And that’s before you and your fans share and repost on your social networks!

Bottom Line

This offer won’t last long. This rate is only available unlit Midnight CST on May 1, 2018


Reserve your spots now, at $500 per expression, and we’ll send shipping instructions along with your invoice in April 2018.