How Tequila PR Differs from Every Other Marketing Agency

The biggest fears people mention to us about working with a PR agency are:


  • Teaching the agency about your agave spirit brand
  • Teaching the agency how to talk to agave spirit aficionados
  • Having the agency set your agenda instead of working toward your goals
  • Having to spend too much time checking the agency’s work


Most people find all of this handholding and maintenance a major time suck – not to mention a huge drain on their cash reserves.  They end up either giving up and letting the agency run roughshod over them or their business lags because they’re too busy managing their agency that they don’t have time to maintain their accounts or sign new ones.  Neither option is going to do you or your brand any good at all.


With Tequila PR, we already know about your agave spirit brand because we work exclusively with agave spirits and only work with brands we’ve tried and loved.  We already know how to speak to agave spirit aficionados because we’ve been doing it for the last 19 years.  We do all of our work in line with your goals for your brand.  Our collective knowledge of social media and agave spirits allows you to rest easy and know that the reputation of your brand is safe in our hands.



How We Do It


Before we start work on your social media, we’ll schedule a call with you to discuss your brand goals for the upcoming year including distribution, sales, events, etc.  We’ll also discuss your brand voice and how you want your brand portrayed.  Finally, we’ll discuss your social advertising budget and the best timing for campaigns throughout the year.

After our call, we’ll create an annual social & advertising strategy and break it down into monthly tasks.  We’ll send you a copy so you’ll know we’re on track.

Our onboarding process takes about a week after that (usually much less) to gain access to and/or create your complete profiles in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We’ll then ensure all of your profile and header images are consistent with your branding.  We’ll also curate all of the positive posts and reviews available on the internet about your brand as well as start creating new material.


Then we’ll begin posting daily to your networks, engaging your followers, and building your following with real fans.

Should you need consultations with Mike Morales or need to send picture messages from tastings, or promotional events, we do that too.


Why We Do It That Way


We do it this way because it is our job to make sure we’re in line with your brand identity and goals.  We don’t require handholding or micromanagement because we’re specialists and that frees you to do what you specialize in – building your business.  We have found this process to be the best way of dovetailing our efforts and yours to ensure the ultimate success of your business.


We have 2 spots available to start this month.

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