Profiles in Agave Spirits, V5 Available for Preorder

Profiles in Agave Spirits Volume 5: The people who create and contribute to the tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other agave spirits industries (in English and Spanish) 

Featured in Volume 5:

  • Michael Rowe and Michael Ellis – Tezcazul Tequila
  • Sarah Joanna Kennan – Leonista Agave Spirit
  • Ashley Walsh Kvamme – Kimo Sabe Mezcal
  • Emily García Montiel – 618 Mezcal
  • Neil Grosscup – Tanteo Tequila
  • Mtro. Ramon Gonzalez Figueroa – Director General Tequila Regulatory Council
  • Jennifer Aspell – Casa Agave
  • Robert A. Rivas, Esq. – Ropers Majeski
  • Juan Bernardo Torres Mora – Tequila Business Advisor
  • Bjørn Smalbro – and
  • David Dinius – Tequila Aficionado Tequila Jockey
  • Allen Binford Carter – Talero Organic Tequilas/K&J Beverage Group LLC

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