Profiles in Agave Spirits, Volume 8

Profiles in Agave Spirits Volume 8: The people who create and contribute to the tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other agave spirits industries (in both English & Spanish).

Featured In Volume VIII:

  • Tom Bishop – El Rayo Tequila
  • Bingo Richey – Rancho de La Luna Spirits
  • David Catching – Rancho de la Luna Mezcal
  • Heidi Milla Anderson – Vikera Tequila
  • Gaston Martinez – Izo Agave Spirits
  • Gildardo Partida – Adictivo Tequila
  • Max Martin – Caramba Tequila
  • Ray McBride – Karma Tequila
  • Rodrigo Cedano Ortiz – Master Distiller, Tequila Tromba
  • Miguel Angel López Olvera – Máster Mezcalier
  • Rolando Cortes Hernandez – Casa Cortes
  • León Bañuelos Hernandez – Tequilas El Mexicano

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