Tequila Aficionado Magazine, November 2020

After 20 years of bringing consumers and craft agave spirits like tequila, mezcal, sotol and raicilla together, Tequila Aficionado is now a print magazine.
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Tequila Aficionado Magazine is the ONLY direct-to-consumer magazine specifically for tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other agave spirits.

In This Issue:

  • Profiles in Agave Spirits: Phillip “Felipe” Soto Mares – The Bad Stuff Tequila
  • Free Book Friday Schedule for November
  • Our Latest Reviews
  • Upcoming Sipping Off the Cuff Episodes
  • Agave Spirits Around the World, Part 2 Ecuador and Peru
  • Cocktails by Alex Perez
  • Profiles in Agave Spirits: Eliot Logan-Hines – Andean Spirits LLC
  • Silverlight Drinks by Jason Silverman
  • Profiles in Agave Spirits Series Index
  • Tequila Aficionado Consumer Catador Course Index
  • Tequila Aficionado Holiday Gift Guide
  • Bonus Book Inside: Tequila Aficionado Virtual Tasting Guide
  • Tequila Aficionado Aroma Wheel
  • Flight Tasting Sheets
  • Mexican Tequila Academy Tasting Sheet (in English)
  • Mike Morales’ SoCal Residency and Private Virtual Tastings