Tequila Aficionado Magazine Special Issue: 2022 San Diego Tequila & Cuisine

First Annual San Diego Tequila & Cuisine (2022)
Inside this special issue, you’ll find more information about The Tequila People, the organization known for it’s annual Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine event. We’ll tell you about their first annual San Diego Tequila & Cuisine event, profile the people involved and include a tasting notebook for all of the brands featured in this first annual San Diego event.

Featured in this Issue:

  • Crystal Mercado Murphy
  • Janna Lopez
  • Micah Murphy
  • Leon Gomez
  • Bibi LaMere
  • Shauna Ratliff
  • Jordan Caballero
  • Rachel Nicholls

Brands Featured in this Issue:

  • Alderete
  • Amatiteña
  • Arte Azul
  • Atanasio
  • Cabal
  • Calirosa
  • Cazcanes
  • Corralejo
  • Dame Mas
  • Dinastía Real
  • El Tequileño
  • Fortaleza
  • IZO Spirts: Tequila, Mezcal, Bacanora & Sotol
  • Juan de Leon
  • La Dueña
  • Los Arango
  • Marfanista
  • Máximo Imperio
  • MEXI Craft Tequila Seltzer
  • Mezcal Hacienda Oponguio
  • Mis Aguacates
  • Padre Azul
  • Romántico
  • Suave
  • Tres Aromas
  • Tres Toños
  • Vamonos Riendo Mezcal
  • Volcan de mi Tierra

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