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Tequila Book Recommendations by Alex Perez

Originally posted on Tequila Aficionado May 6, 2003 The Book Of Tequila, by Bob Emmons “The most comprehensive resource on tequila in print.”–WINE & SPIRITS “Emmons traces tequila’s origin from the agave plant, following the spirit step-by-step through harvesting, distillation, bottling, shipping, and distribution to America’s bars and restaurants. His history of tequila intertwines with […]

Unwinding at Mexicali

Originally Posted on August 10, 2000 by Myrna Gamez Executive Editor A group of colleagues and I had just been through two grueling weeks of producing documents and needed to go somewhere and celebrate our efforts. I had heard of Mexicali’s tequila collection and recommended we go there. Upon arrival I noticed it was […]

Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequilas in a Class of their Own by Alex Perez

Originally posted on Tequila Aficionado October 18, 2000 By Alexander Pérez TequilaAficionado Magazine Editor Passion in the bottle can only describe the fine tequilas of Casa Noble. From the hand-blown glass and ceramic bottles created by an experienced artisan, to the triple distillation method used in production, Casa Noble can truly be called an ultra-premium […]

Our First Post: the 2000 Agave Shortage

Originally posted on Tequila Aficionado on August 8, 2000 From the Editor…  Welcome, we are proud to present! will be your most comprehensive information source on the Internet bringing tequila and mezcal awareness to you the public. Our goal is to educate, promote, and report on the tequila and mezcal industry. In addition, […]

Northwest Tequila Fest 2015

Unfortunate news for fans of the Northwest Tequila Fest.  Our hearts go out to our fellow aficionados and we hope to be there when they have their next Northwest Tequila Fest. TO OUR FANS: We started Northwest Tequila Fest in the Summer of 2012 because we love tequila and mezcal, and we think the world […]

Tequila Aficionado and the Sabor Latino Food Show

Sabor Latino, Los Angeles’ only Latin Food Trade Show reached out to Tequila Aficionado this spring and asked us if we would help them raise interest in the tequila community for this year’s show.  They offered free booths to any tequila brands who would agree to be there.  Of all the brands we know, Embajador and […]

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Update

TABC Update If you’re a tequila, mezcal or sotol brand doing business in Texas, you know full well the reach of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). For those of you who aren’t subscribed, the May 2015 edition of the TABC newsletter, TABC Today, is now available. TABC Today is the official monthly newsletter of […]

The Mega Marketing of a Brand Part III – Back To The Future With Jose Cuervo

Originally published on Dec 3, 2006     The trend in the spirits industry is for cross marketing with a guerrilla attitude. That’s shooting your enemy not from behind trees and bushes, but… From where they don’t expect you to be! Nobody’s proven to be better at this than Jose Cuervo. 09 Let’s Review… […]

The Mega Marketing of a Brand Part II – Jose Cuervo Is A Friend of Mine

Originally published on Dec 3, 2006     In a relationship that the Animal Planet calls symbiotic–like the small fish feeding on scraps from a shark’s jaws, or birds picking the bugs off a hippo’s butt–Cuervo has benefited nicely over the years by partnering with major restaurant chains all over the US. They have […]

The Mega Marketing of a Brand Part I – On the Road With Jose Cuervo

Originally published on Nov 30, 2006     What better place to introduce your products but in your own place? What better audience to introduce your products to, but to a sequestered one? Maybe there was something to this mega-marketing to travelers with long layovers? Time travel with Tequila Aficionado & Jose Cuervo Click To […]

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