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Merry Christmas from Tequila Aficionado


Tequila Aficionado Store Now Open!

Forget the crowds Shop the Tequila Aficionado Store!   Why fight nasty crowds of people who suck your holiday spirit away?  Enjoy your holiday shopping by browsing the Tequila Aficionado store online.  We’ve got all the best gifts for aficionados and non-aficionados alike!  Click on the image below to take a look at the great […]

Tequila Drink Recipes

  Looking for a great signature drink for your holiday party? Explore our Tequila Drinks Pinboard on Pinterest!            

Inspired by Bonita Tequila with an Aficionado Twist

Bonita Tequila recently released a bit of video to encourage people to follow them on the major social media networks. We were inspired and put our own spin on it… Which do you like best?

Sipping off the Cuff: De La Riva Blanco

Tequila Aficionado’s Alex Perez and Mike Morales taste and discuss De La Riva Blanco.  

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