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Welcome to the Tequila Test Kitchen!

Great recipes for tequila cocktails, cooking with tequila, and pairing with tequila are always welcome here at Tequila Aficionado.  We’ll share them with our readers in our articles and on our Pinterest boards.

Click on any of the images below to explore our Pinterest Recipe Boards:

margaritas, tequila test kitchen tequila drinks

Click on any of the images below to explore recipes we’re working on in the Tequila Test Kitchen:

Some tequilas are perfection when sipped, others need a cocktail to shine, still others long to become part of a delicious dish. Here at Tequila Aficionado, we love sipping, but when a tequila begs to be prepared in a recipe or paired with something special, we enjoy exploring those options too. As our Tequila Test Kitchen efforts grow, we’ll share our boards here for your enjoyment.
Whether you prefer to sip, mix a cocktail or pair perfectly with foods, we’ve got something for you.

While we love sipping tequila, we understand that every agave deserves a place at the table.  We hope you’ll enjoy these recipes and pairing suggestions as much as we’ve enjoyed developing them.

avion espresso, recipes, tequila test kitchen

de la tierre, recipes, tequila test kitchen

hornitos lime shot, recipes

peligroso cinnamon, recipes


dulce dorado, recipes

Want us to use YOUR tequila or liqueur?  We’ll create a Pinterest Board just for your product while we develop some great recipes for you and your customers to use and share.  Just send us your sample and we’ll start cooking!  Email to get started!


Watch our Recipes Page and Pinterest Boards for updates coming soon!


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Are You Watching the Mad Men Premiere Tonight?

don draper sips, mad men



Sexy Secretary?


An Old Fashioned?



don draper sips, mad menThat might be Don Draper’s checklist for the final season of Mad Men… knowing the twists, turns and cliffhangers awaiting viewers; Hornitos hoped to offer our readers a taste of Draper’s favorite cocktail – this time with a twist of their own. A Black Barrel® Old Fashioned uses the NEW Hornitos® Black Barrel® – this inventive spirit starts as 100% blue agave tequila, which is aged three distinct times to impart flavorful whiskey notes!

HRLGO_10, hornitos, mad men


They suggest this recipe for a sexy twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail: Old Fashioned, hornitos, mad men, old fashioned




Black Barrel® Old Fashioned

  • 1 part simple syrup
  • 1 ½ parts Hornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila
  • 0.5 part amaro
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • 2 dashes Orange bitters
  • Orange peel


  • Add simple syrup, Hornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila, amaro and bitters together and stir, adding in ice. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with an orange peel.


Old Fashioned, hornitos, mad men, old fashionedHornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila is redefining the traditional tequila experience.  Triple aged to create a unique Añejo tequila with whiskey characteristics, Hornitos® tequila is aged for 12 months in new toasted American Oak barrels.  Then, it is carefully placed into deep charred American Oak barrels for four months.  In the final aging process, the liquid is transferred to specially toasted American Oak barrels for two months to enhance the whiskey-like notes.



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Hornitos Welcomes Game of Thrones with Fire & Ice

hbo, game of thrones, Daenerys, hornitosHornitos loves Game of Thrones!

The season four premiere of Game of Thrones was Sunday night.  As you replay it on your DVR, enjoy all of the fiery battles and drama that come along with this epic season by mixing up this cool cocktail courtesy of Hornitos  – The Hornitos® Fire & Ice cocktail.

With tensions rising in the Seven Kingdoms, watch as Daenerys and her dragons embark on a journey to claim the Iron Throne as her birthright. Sit back, relax and enjoy the battles ensue right in front of your eyes with this Hornitos® Game of Thrones series-inspired cocktail.


game of thrones, fire & ice, HBO, hornitos


Hornitos Fire & Ice

  • 1 part Hornitos® Plata Tequila
  • 1 part concord grape juice
  • ½ part lemon juice


Add ingredients to glass over ice and stirPreparation:


Hornitos® Plata Tequila Fun Facts: Hornitos® Plata is a premium tequila that isn’t afraid to act like one. It’s made from the flesh of Blue Agave and exudes smoothness with hints of clove and floral spices. The purest of expressions, Hornitos® signature cultivated yeast and sealed production system ensure that Hornitos® Plata retains its unique agave flavor.


Hornitos® Plata is Not Just Any Tequila


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Tequila Aficionado Christmas: Tequila Recipes

In addition to our recipes developed here at the Tequila Aficionado Test Kitchen for Apple Crisp, Cranapple Crisp, Pumpkin Pie, and Mochamisu, we have several other suggestions for adding tequila to your holiday menus (in addition to just drinking it).

Check out these great tequila recipes and suggestions (click on any of the images for recipes and/or more information):

apricot tequila glazed turkey




Serve a little Tequila and Lime Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce on the side!


limarita tequila lime sorbet


For a little palate cleansing after that heavy holiday dinner, be sure to lay in a healthy supply of LimaRita Tequila Lime Sorbet.


tequila spiked caramel corn


Tequila spiked caramel corn throws a grown-up spin on a winter tradition.



cocoa, tequila

Mexicocoa looks like a crowd pleaser whether you’re watching Christmas specials on ABC or ice skating on the pond.

strawberry mango margarita compote

Strawberry Mango Margarita Compote isn’t traditional but looks festive enough for any holiday table, especially while mangos are in season!


tequila chili



A little 2+2 Tequila Chili is easy to make ahead and could keep you warm on a cold winter day.


jalapeno carrot cake




Skip the fruitcake and go straight for the Hoppin Jalapeno Carrot Cake, courtesy of Lucinda Hutson!

tequila lime coconut fudge


Ready for a new twist on the traditional Christmas fudge?  How about a Tequila Lime Coconut Fudge to kick the festivities up a notch?


And for that special someone who deserves the very best…


victorian truffles, tequila truffles

Victorian Truffles

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Victorian Truffles & Tequila: A Heavenly Pair

victorian truffles, tequila, red chile, tequila aficionado

The Trouble with Truffles

victorian truffles victorian trufflesWe recently made the acquaintance of the Head Chocolatier, John Alexander, at Victorian Truffles and, after much pleading on Twitter, he was kind enough to send us samples of two of their specialty confections, the Tequila & Lime Truffles and the Limited Edition Tequila & Lime Red Chile Truffles.

Unfortunately, the USPS being what it is and Christmas just around the corner, the Priority Mail package wasn’t as much a priority to the USPS as one might think.  Ever the consummate professional with a singular focus on customer service and satisfaction, John asked us not to eat those truffles when they arrived (which they did, a week later) because he would prefer to overnight a fresh batch.  Here at Tequila Aficionado, we understand small batch production and pride in quality products so we did as he asked.  He made a fresh batch on Monday and we received them today (Wednesday).  They were well worth the wait!

victorian trufflesWhen we received the box, the presentation was impressive.  Rich, dark, wrapping paper bound with golden ribbon greeted us.  Upon removing the cover, golden tissue paper sealed with a red wax seal told us this was no ordinary treat.  Pulling the tissue away released a wonder for the nose.  The scents of fresh lime, tequila, hints of other citrus, and cream danced as we breathed deeply.  The visual treat was no less lovely with bite sized morsels rolled in coconut, lime zest and red chile that seemed perfectly attired for the holiday season.

tequila, lime, victorian trufflesTequila & Lime Victorian Truffles

Retail $29 for 12 Pieces

The Tequila and Lime truffles are handmade and rolled in organic shredded coconut and fresh lime zest.  Mixed with Avion Silver Tequila, fresh lime juice and White Chocolate in the center, this Truffle is refreshing and makes for a year-round treat.

This is not your usual chocolate truffle.  We were expecting sweet chocolate but instead experienced delectable tidbits of joy.  Yes, there is white chocolate in it, but this is more like a light and rich ganache with far more to its substance than sugar.  This is old-school confection, not candy.  We were thrilled to discover that Victorian Truffles uses Avion Silver Tequila in their recipe.  It seems Mr. Alexander is a fan of sipping tequilas and has tried many but feels Avion Silver is the best choice for this truffle.  We agree!

This truffle is soft on entry with the light texture of finely shredded coconut and a sweet finish.  It coats your palate deliciously without all the heaviness of a syrupy blend.  This is not a shooter.  You’ll want to take 2-3 bites or more to savor each one.  The strong lime presence would make this the perfect accompaniment when sipping a highlands tequila.

We recommend pairing the Tequila & Lime Victorian Truffles with double distilled blancos like Acumbaro, Siembra Azul, Arte Nom, Tapatio, Viva Mexico, and 4 Canones.  A triple distilled tequila might be lost in the pairing.

tequila, lime, red chile, victorian trufflesTequila & Lime Red Chile Victorian Truffles (Limited Edition)

Retail $30 for 12 Pieces

These Tequila & Lime Red Chile Truffles make for a true Limited Edition offering, bringing together sweet and savory flavors accented with the heat from the chiles.

These too are handmade and rolled in organic shredded coconut, dried red chile & fresh lime zest.  (Medium Heat)

Mixed with Avion Silver and another premium reposado, fresh lime juice and white chocolate in the center, then rolled in lime zest, shredded coconut and red chile, this truffle will go over well at any party, event, or gift exchange.

“So pretty with the white coconut, lime zest and red pepper flakes”, I thought as I lifted one to sniff.  It smelled as delicious as all the others.  I took a leisurely bite and was surprised at the peppery pop as it hit my tongue.

Mike commented that this combination was perfectly balanced on the tongue and left him with a spicy peppery finish.  The finish was long and had just enough heat to remind us of the really amazing confection we’d had.  An anejo would go very well with this truffle.  We also discussed how this would be nicely paired with a sweet cocktail like a Margarita or Paloma.  Mike recommends a dark reposado to an anejo to pair with this.  Something like an aged Montejima or a 4 Canones anejo is a perfect pairing for the Tequila & Lime Red Chile Limited Edition Truffles.  Personally, I felt the aged Montejima complemented the pepper perfectly.  Be prepared when pairing these because any tequila you choose will reactivate the pepper and leave you with that zing, which is not at all a bad thing!

Both of these truffles are a worthy gift for anybody who enjoys tequila or pairing.  If you’re planning a dinner party with tequila pairings, these would be a perfect light dessert.  Though they are the size of the average truffle, they are rich and delicious, leaving you satisfied that you’ve had something special without leaving you feeling heavy.  (Tip: Try the Tequila Lime Truffles with cocktails before dinner and save the Red Chile Truffles for the after dinner treat with a sipping reposado or anejo tequila.)

Serve Victorian Truffles immediately at room temperature.  Don’t give your refrigerator the opportunity to dry these treasures out and do not keep them lying around.  These hand-made joys are a must share with a short shelf life due to all the fresh ingredients so don’t try to hoard them either.

Tequila isn’t the only spirit Victorian Truffles are made with.  They have a huge selection of truffle varieties made with vodka, champagne, beer, rum, brandy, scotch, whiskey, bourbon, Irish whiskey, Irish cream, amaretto and hazelnut liqueur as well as their original chocolate truffles.  Click on any of the images in this article to see for yourself.  We’re looking forward to sampling Bourbon Pecan, Amaretto, Hazelnut and Raspberry Truffles with more of our favorite tequilas!  

victorian truffles

 Victorian Truffles onFacebook

Victorian Truffles on Pinterest

Victorian Truffles on Instagram



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