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Sip Wisely, My Friends

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Tequila: The Eyes Have It!

Whispering Eye Tequila When we received these samples of Whispering Eye, the first thing I wanted to do was photograph them!  They clearly put a great deal of time and effort into their bottle design and I felt it was important to recognize that.  This is the sort of bottle that attracts the eye no […]

Coffee & Tequila Aficionado

Coffee is very important to us here at Tequila Aficionado. Coffee: It keeps us busy until the tequila arrives. Click To Tweet Need Coffee? Check out the Tequila Aficionado Store HERE. Have we reviewed Your tequila yet? Would you like our review of your tequila to reach thousands of tequila aficionados in both written and […]

Tequila Warning!

Tequila Warning This tequila warning is being brought to you as a public service by Tequila Aficionado Media. We’re always looking for that next great sip. Sip wisely. Please sip wisely.  Tequila should never be shot.  Ever.  If you choose not to sip wisely, beware the following: The over-consumption of bad tequila may leave you […]

Cleo Rocos’ Perspective and Bartenders’ Wisdom

Cleo Rocos and Alex Perez agree: Sip Wisely! Do tequila aficionados the world over a service and help the uninitiated learn the correct way to drink tequila: Only drink 100% Blue Weber Agave tequilas Sip, don’t shoot. Have a glass of water between drinks to stay hydrated. Bartenders’ Wisdom: The True Keys to Happiness are […]