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Demetrio Añejo Tequila Review by Steve Coomes

I like small barrels, and I cannot lie … and Demetrio’s choice of a 200 liter vessel for its añejo is just fine by me. Some reviewers I’ve read (and respect) object to tequila aged in small barrels because they say that adds too much oak flavor too soon. But as a fan of big-bodied, […]

Demetrio Reposado Review by Steve Coomes

If fiery, edgy blancos had their own song, it might go something like this:   If I could spend time in a barrel The first thing that I’d like to do Is to soften every day Till all harshness goes away To ensure I’d be sipped slow by you         OK, sorry. […]

Demetrio Blanco Review by Steve Coomes

Growing up in Bourbon Country (I live in Louisville, Ky.), you get used to seeing squat bottles of brown Kentucky Nectar on bars and retailers’ shelves. Even the rare long-neck containers aren’t usually tall, especially compared to some tequila bottles. That marks the first reason I like the trio of Demetrio tequila expressions I acquired […]

Number Juan Reposado Review by Steve Coomes

The first two times I tasted Number Juan Reposado, it reminded me of my 15-year-old son in the morning: something that awakens very slowly. For $49, I expected more than clean, mildly spicy tequila that was decidedly low on complexity. But time and future tastings would reveal that Number Juan was only being shy at […]

Tequila Ocho Single Estate Plata Review by Steve Coomes

Tequila Ocho Single Estate Plata 2012 By Steve Coomes   Pouring just an ounce of Tequila Ocho Single Estate Plata 2012 from the bottle sends a rush of fruit into the air. Highly aromatic, but not busily so, this plata greets the nose with aromas of papaya, banana, grapefruit and cooked agave. Swirl it to […]

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