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Liquor Marketers Switch from Dutch Vodka to Azuñia Tequila

Originally Posted: 11/23/2009 by Nostrazarus at Tequilarack By MICHAEL VOLPE Orange County Business Journal Staff Two former executives of Aliso Viejo-based Nolet Spirits USA Inc., importer of Ketel One vodka, have traded martinis for margaritas. Kirk Gaither, former vice president of sales for Ketel One, and Jim Riley, former vice president of public relations and […]

The Commoditization of Tequila Courtesy of Costco

Will KIRKLAND prove to be the category killer for high-end Extra Anjeo like it has for ultra-premium Vodka? As you can see from the below insert from December’s Costco Connection magazine, Kirkland 3 year Anjeo hits the shelves in select US markets. In CA it is currently selling for $23.99 per bottle. I’m sure to […]

Flights of Fortune: Correctly Executing Tasting Flights

Originally posted October 1, 2010 by Chris Zarus of TequilaRack. Please visit TequilaRack, a member of the Tequila Aficionado Flight of Sites. Tasting Flights Take Off From: Hotel F&B Marketing: Sprucing Up F&B Sales Hotels find effectively merchandising food and spirits and getting staff involved in the story behind the product directly affects the bottom […]

PaQui Tequila: Just Another Self Proclaimed Luxury Tequila?

Originally posted December 11, 2009 by Chris Zarus of TequilaRack. In reading the article below today, I find myself curious to know, and understand, the key differences and distinctions between this new “Luxury” Tequila brand and all the many others that have traveled this road before it.  Perhaps you can distill it out of the […]

Change is at Hand for the Tequila Market, Part II

  Part II of II Written by Chris Zarus of TequilaRack The Economic Fall of the Medium Sized Producer As the dooms day clock ticks down, all but the biggest distilleries, short on cash and heavy in liquid inventory, will soon be courting anyone with a US dollar. But that market is rather small, and […]