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A Truckload of Agave – Agave Spirits, That Is

Agave Spirits Everywhere!

Agave piñas.

Agave piñas, agave spirits



If you’ve been following Tequila Aficionado Media closely, you may have noticed a lull in the weekly Sipping Off The Cuff ™  episodes that traditionally have aired every Friday.

As you may know, every tequila, mezcal or sotol label that submits samples for Sipping Off The Cuff ™ is automatically entered into our ground-breaking end-of-year Brands of Promise ™ awards program.


We’ve Got Our Work Cut Out for Us 

test pattern, agave spirits, tequilaAfter an unprecedented amount of entries to our Brands of Promise ™  awards, and the flabbergasting influx of new tequila and mezcal brands with fabulous juice in 2014 (and some unforeseen technical difficulties in our post production department that were beyond our control), Sipping Off The Cuff ™ returns with a vengeance.


Coming In Hot

agave spirits, tequilaStarting this week, our post production department is backing up the truck and dumping a huge load of agave onto your screens.

Until virtually the end of 2014, brand-spanking new episodes of Sipping Off The Cuff ™ will premier–


tequila reviews, agave spiritsLook for your favorite–or start up or little known–tequila or mezcal brands to be deconstructed, dissected and discussed by our Founder, Alex Perez, and CEO Mike Morales.


We’re planning some surprise guest hosts to star with Mike on special episodes of Sipping Off The Cuff ™ that will be taped from some of the more popular and trendy tequila bars around the country.

Sipping Off The Cuff ™–On Demand!


Fast and Furious, agave spiritsDon’t worry if you miss a chapter or two of these upcoming reviews with Alex and Mike.

They’ll be coming in fast and furious till the end of the year, but you can always catch up by subscribing to our YouTube channel, as well as following’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

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Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You



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Guest Review of Pura Vida Silver Tequila by Jerry Nettik

vinturi spirit aeratorJerry was the first brave soul to submit a guest review for Tequila Aficionado and earn himself a Vinturi Spirit Aerator.  We have a feeling he’ll be tasting a lot more tequilas with it once it arrives on his doorstep!  Want to submit a review of your own?  We’d love to read it!  Click here for more information on how you can work for tequila!


Pura Vida Silver Tequila

pura vida tequila, tequila, tequila aficionado, jerry nettick, reviews

100% Agave Azul
40% Alcohol/volume – 80 Proof

NOM 1414 – Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, S.A. de C.V.

This premium tequila is produced from Los Altos (Highlands) estate grown agaves and artesian water, then triple distilled for purity and smooth taste.

I guess I am a believer in fate. I was first introduced to Pura Vida while making a quick stop at a small liquor store in west Austin, Texas. This was my first visit to this liquor store, and as luck would have it, they had a small table set up next to the door. A lovely young lady was at the table, pouring samples of Pura Vida Tequila. I chose to sample the silver, and as I recall, that first taste was bold yet mello at the same time. I could tell from my first sip that this premium spirit was destined to be one of my top-shelf favorites.

When you first open the heavy blue glass bottle, you will be treated to a smooth and sweet yet bold earthy agave aroma. Right away you know you have discovered something special. Your nose tells you to pour a full shot of this rich tequila, and begin to sip it.

The first taste of this crystal clear 100% agave blanco, gives you a medium spice, somewhat fruity mouthful of unmistakable Jalisco Highlands agave. This smooth blanco has all the taste and feel of an small-batch, artisan tequila. The triple-distilled spirit is perfect for sipping and savoring the moderate agave flavor. The finish is medium with a hint of ginseng and vanilla across the tongue.

When drinking this top-shelf spirit, I prefer drinking a healthy shot ‘neat’ in a slightly chilled snifter, with a lemon twist. You will enjoy sipping this blanco tequila as a relaxing drink after work or when mixing up your favorite tequila cocktail on the weekend with good friends. A good food pairing would be a broiled white fish, or some tequila-lime infused shrimp off the barbecue.

The only problem with this premium tequila is that it may be hard to find outside of Texas, the location of it’s largest US distributor. However, they have been working hard to expand its footprint north of the border.

If you come across any of the varieties: blanco, reposado, or anejo of Pura Vida in a restaurant, bar, or nightclub, I would suggest you consider this ‘fate’ and order up a shot, or maybe a ‘vertical’ flight (one shot each of the blanco, reposado, and añejo – all Pura Vida) and sample all three. This will give you a chance to match the taste that’s right for your palate. ¡Salud! and enjoy!

Reviewed by Jerry Nettik, passionate tequila lover and aficionado.

Follow Jerry online:



See Mike Morales’ and Alex Perez’ reviews of Pura Vida:

Pura Vida Silver  |  Pura Vida Gold  |  Pura Vida Anejo

pura vida anejo pura vida silver pura vida gold

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