Tequila Aficionado Media Goes to the Ballpark With Camarena Tequila

Step Up To The Plate

A rarely seen empty front gate at Anaheim Stadium.

A rarely seen empty front gate at Anaheim Stadium.

The invitation read, “Step Up To the Plate With Camarena Tequila.”  The location–Angel Stadium Diamond Club, Anaheim, CA.  The time–Major League Baseball’s Opening Week.  The activities would include a private stadium tour, Camarena Tequila tasting, an interactive tequila cocktail demonstration, and Southwest style bites.

Having grown up about 40 minutes east of Dodger Stadium, and a lifelong Dodger fan, I thought twice about accepting an invitation to the enemy’s camp.  But, the Angels were out of town that week, so I really wouldn’t be cheating on my home team.  And, after all, it was combining two of my favorite subjects…

Baseball and tequila.

Besides, when was the last time the Dodgers ever bought me a margarita?

Batter Up!

I arrived early to Angel’s Stadium and after securing a prime parking spot reserved for Diamond Club ticket holders (wonder how much that costs?), and snapping a few shots of a rarely seen empty front gate, I was escorted to the Diamond Club.

Behind the heavy glass double doors sat the spritely hostess and account manager for Camarena Tequila and their Step Up to the Plate event, Kylie Barnett.  She introduced herself with a firm handshake, handed me my press credentials and pointed me in the direction of the rows of tables formally set out with fresh red and white linens matching the Angels’ team colors.

Press credentials.

Press credentials.

It was an impressive spread with each place setting having all the bar utensils you’d ever need–a shaker, strainer, stirring spoon, muddler, fresh fruits and herbs–to concoct your own cocktails.  And, on every table, were several pairs of Camarena blanco and reposado tequila bottles.

Once I snapped these shots, I was lured by a large patio that overlooked the box seats directly behind home plate.  The baseball diamond itself was just beyond another set of heavy glass double doors.

Rows of tables formally set with Angels' team colors.

Rows of tables formally set with Angels’ team colors.

That’s when the kid in me took over.

Pre-game Stats and Stories

I snapped more shots of the empty field and the seats.  A lone bunting draped across a railing in the upper level stands above me flapped in the off shore breeze.  Like a child reciting the statistics of his favorite player memorized from the back of a bubblegum baseball card, my mind raced through what I remembered of this upstart tequila.

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