Tequila Aficionado Media Goes to the Ballpark With Camarena Tequila

Fresh white fish ceviche.Further up the line was a master chef preparing fresh tacos made from carnitas to mahi mahi, served onto handmade tortillas.  Topped off with made-that-day chips and salsa, and another sip of Camarena reposado, and everyone was good to go.

That’s when Kylie announced what was in store for us next.

After an entertaining and enlightening tour of the “Big A” as Anaheim Stadium is affectionately called, where we were taken from the clubhouse to the dugout, to the underground batting cages and even shown the corporate suites (where liquor giant Campari USA owns one, at $250,000 a pop),  Joel Black took the stage back at the Diamond Club to extoll the virtues of one hundred percent agave tequila versus a well known mixto.

The Pitch

Joel did his best to educate the attendees of the Step Up To The Plate event with a short history of the sixth generation Camarena family responsible for its namesake tequila.  The traditional processes (estate grown agave, oven baking, slow fermentation, extra care distillation) and short barrel aging of the reposado that helped in keeping Camarena’s Highland’s tequila flavor profile consistent.

Coupled with the family’s amazing history of agave growing (which predates baseball’s alleged invention by Abner Doubleday in 1839 by a year!) that includes such historic tequila making families as the Orendains and Cuervos, and Camarena’s current success was all but predestined.

Get Into The Game With Camarena Tequila

After Joel Black conducted the blind tasting of Camarena one hundred percent agave tequila against the famed mixto (can you guess who won?), he put us all into the line up as mixologists.

Starting with a simple Silver Paloma, a traditional tequila cocktail made with grapefruit soda, followed by the catchy Camarena Change-Up served in a classy martini glass, to the clean-up hitting Camarena Grand Slam, whose secret ingredients were muddled pineapple, cilantro and jalapeños,  and the entire evening was a hit.

Pros like Joel Black may not be able to teach you how to throw a wicked curveball or a nasty slider, but you will be able to sling some pretty crafty cocktails to your friends at your next party.

My advice is when you get an invitation by Camarena Tequila to Step Up To The Plate, you take that dare and get into the game!

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