China Opens Its Bars to Mexican Tequila – What Does This Mean For The Tequila Industry?

  • Will the introduction of tequila to the Chinese market create such a demand that smaller brands will die in the stampede for big batch tequila?
  • Will the demands of 1.344 billion Chinese be so great that knockoffs will sprout up in the volcanic soils of China?
  • Will the upscale Chinese market that develops a taste for tequila demand authenticity and delight in the discovery of small batches and brands of true tequila, creating a wider audience for brands of promise?
  • Will the influx of Chinese tourists to Mexico breathe new life into the country’s economy?
  • Will Chinese tequila aficionados begin supporting cottage industries created around agave fiber for the sheer novelty of it all?
  • Will the Agave Idiots start a Chinese sister organization?
  • Will the Chinese elite demand visits from the superstars of the tequila industry for tastings?

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Lisa Pietsch is the Chief Operations Officer of Tequila Aficionado Media, a USAF veteran, a multi-published novelist and freelance writer, a social media marketing consultant, and the mother of two boys. She has a passion for good tequila, foreign languages, and travel in all forms. Lisa currently makes her home in San Antonio, Texas.

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  1. Guero:

    Keep in mind the Tequila restriction(s) only applied to mainland China and not Macau & Hong Kong. Having been to China on a few trips in 2007 & 2008 I can say that there was a lack of “small-producer” Vodka & Whiskey on shelves in mainland China. The Propensity to buy name brand items by Chinese consumers is very high. I feel that all this doublespeak that this will help smaller Tequila brands is just that – talk. Obviously the bigger Tequila brands want to capitalize on the potetnial 1.3 billion consumer market. On a side note the 2012 trade stats don´t lie. – China netted $55Billion US & Mexico netted $5Billion US. How will the Mexican export of “Premium” Tequila & Pork reduce the trade gap? It won´t. The real subject not being discussed is the potential privatization of Mexican energy resources. Which is a whole other matter.