LimaRita Tequila Lime Sorbet Review

By Lisa Pietsch

limarita, sorbet, tequila, lime, paul cantatoreBig things DO come in small packages!

At first glance, this little, hollowed out lime stuffed with an airy, white sorbet and topped with the stem end of the lime seems like a very insignificant morsel.  One might be tempted to let something so small go unnoticed but, I’m here to tell you, do not pass on the LimaRita Tequila Lime Sorbet.

Paul Cantatore, the creator of LimaRita, must have been divinely inspired when he put this idea together.

limarita, tequila lime sorbet, paul cantatore

Just out of the freezer.  Even the spoon is smiling!

Give it a moment when you take it out of the freezer.  Give it a second moment to admire it.  This is not your average lime.  The longer this sorbet stays frozen in the lime, the more lime essence you taste in it.  Yes, like good tequila, this treat ages well.

Speaking of tequila, the spirit of Mexico really is in this creamy citrus delicacy, but I can’t tell you which one.  It is a well-kept secret, and there’s only just enough to make the sorbet taste like a carefully and lovingly constructed margarita.  There is only enough to influence your taste buds but not nearly enough to influence your judgment.  In fact, the tequila content is so minute, it is classified as a non-alcoholic treat.

After you’ve paused to admire this fresh, frosty, margarita inspired delight, you’re ready to try a taste.  The combination of the smooth, silky texture and the fresh, bright flavor each chilly spoonful delivers is a sensory celebration.

This sorbet is tart, but not too; sweet, but not syrupy; and has just a hint of saltiness to make the flavor pop.  It’s a true tequila-lover’s palate cleanser.


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I can easily see this new product becoming a huge hit as a light dessert after a late dinner, the perfect frozen cocktail-style indulgence for a designated driver, or as a delicious 80-calorie dessert option for the dieter who doesn’t want to go another night watching their friends have fruity, calorie-laden cocktails and empanadas while they’re left to sip water.

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