LimaRita Tequila Lime Sorbet Review

limaritaI can also see this as something you can serve along with a blanco tequila for sipping.  If I were to introduce a girlfriend to sipping tequila, this would be a great accompaniment to ease them into it.  Think of each icy spoonful as a delicious chaser after each sip.  I guarantee any man trying to move his margarita-loving girlfriend toward sipping tequilas would be well served by presenting her with a LimaRita alongside that snifter.

limarita, tequila lime sorbet, paul cantatore

That sad moment when you realize there’s nothing left but the lime.

The first time I tried the LimaRita Tequila Lime Sorbet, I tasted, I died, and I went to heaven.  It has taken me weeks to find the words to describe what a find this is – and I’m a novelist!

Just as a master distiller puts his heart and soul into finely crafted tequila, so too did Paul Cantatore put his heart and soul into this creation.   When you taste something this special, you cannot help but admire the artisan.

As of this article’s publication, LimaRita is set to soon be found on the dessert menus of the many Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bars in Florida.  Rocco’s features authentic Mexican food and over 250 Tequilas, but the LimaRita would be reason enough for a visit!

Find more information on LimaRita Tequila Lime Sorbet online here.

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Click on the video below and watch how LimaRitas are filled.

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