Defying gravity: Avion founder ‘passionate and proud’

Second, we put enormous effort into designing the right packaging for Avión. First, we created our own Avión font and the iconic ‘Flying Agave’ logo. For the bottle, we elected to use premium glass with a thick base, long neck and a wide mouth, plus we embossed on indented side panels the words ‘LLEGADA’ and ‘SALIDA’, ‘Depart’ and ‘Arrive’. The end result is a standout bottle with great weight and hand feel and an easy pour that is in all respects bartender, mixologist and consumer friendly.

Finally, we have been very fortunate to attract a best of breed management team that shares the vision. We believe in taking a hands-on approach to sales and marketing. Our team is out at many accounts every day and night introducing Tequila Avión. We’re very passionate and proud of what we have accomplished so far. We have only been in the market for a few months and we are already everywhere: on billboards, planes, trains and were even fully integrated into this season of HBO’s Entourage. The result has been that many accounts have been overwhelmed with consumer demand and are making constant re-orders to ensure they don’t run out.

TA: The distillery you chose to produce Tequila Avión also produces other fine tequilas (Campo Azul, Clase Azul), but there are, of course, many other terrific distilleries out there. What were the deciding factors for choosing Productos Finos de Agave (PFA) (NOM 1416)? How much control over the product do you have?

KA: Avión has a full time team in Mexico. We oversee every batch and bottle filled. PFA is run by a 5th generation family of agave growers and lead by an extremely talented master distiller. We quickly became comfortable with their talent, history and approach to tequila making and, just as quickly, they were able to grasp our vision and make it their own.

We went through many dozens of iterations trying to get the formulation exactly as we envisioned but it was definitely worth the extra time and effort. We are involved in every step of production and go through great effort and expense to ensure consistent quality. As we grow, the one thing we will never do is sacrifice quality for speed.

TA: What is the story behind the brand name, Avión?

KA: Avión means airplane in Spanish but it is also slang in Mexico for “the best.” I thought that this double meaning fit our juice perfectly as we strive to deliver “taste elevated.” The brand theme is well represented on our bottle through such elements as embossed side panels with ‘LLEGADA’ and ‘SALIDA’ (aka ‘Depart’ and ‘Arrive’); “ELEVADO’ (aka ‘Elevate’) written in our brand seal on the bottle top; and our “Flying Agave” logo. I’ve been told that Avión creates a gravity defying experience.

TA: According to the New York Post, Avión’s appearance in the hit HBO television show, Entourage, is the result of childhood friendship rather than money. (Link to the original article…) What has the reaction been to this fortuitous product integration?

KA: The creator of Entourage, Doug Ellin, grew up with the Co-Founder of Avión, Kenny Dichter, and Doug and I have also become good friends. We were thrilled when Doug said he wanted to make Tequila Avión a part of such an amazing show. Tequila Avión’s presence on Entourage put us on the map in a way that was never before seen. It has definitely created great name recognition and buzz and opened up various conversations. We were very fortunate that our friend liked our real life quest to bring the best tequila to the market so much that he incorporated it into the show. We are now focusing on educating consumers that not only is Tequila Avión real, but also it is ultra-premium tequila that tastes delicious.

TA: How do you drink Avión? Which expression (age) do you prefer?

KA: I love all three expressions of Avión – Silver, Reposado and Anejo – and it depends on my mood and theme of consumption. All three can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail. Tequila is the new vodka. A lot of people are drinking Avión in cocktails – they’re making Avión Cosmpolitans now in martini glasses and mixing Avión with juices, tonic, soda, etc.

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