Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Blanco

Tequila Aficionado’s Alex Perez and Mike Morales taste and discuss Embajador Blanco tequila.

Embajador tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. Our agave fields, distillery and bottling facility are all located in Atotonilco in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. We use a blend of modern & traditional methods.

embajador blanco





El Gran Embajador Margarita

El Gran Embajador Margarita


12 oz Dr. Swami Top Shelf Margarita Mix

4 oz Embajador Premium Reposado

1.5 oz Gran Gala

Half a Fresh Lime (hand squeezed)


In a large glass, pitcher or shaker add all ingredients (except lime juice) and mix. Salt the rim of a couple of margarita glasses or one large Ambassador size one, fill with ice and pour. Top off with the fresh squeeze lime juice and stir one last time. Enjoy this one with friends & family! 



Fluffy’s Chock-lit D’lite

Fluffy's Chock-lit D'lite


1oz- Embajador Premium Tequila (Reposado)

1oz- Kahlua French Vanilla

2oz- Godiva Chocolate liqueur

1/2oz- Gran Gala liqueur

1oz- Irish cream

Chocolate syrup

Chocolate sprinkles

1 cup of Ice


Step 1: Prepare a lowball style glass by rimming it with chocolate sprinkles. Place chocolate syrup & sprinkles into individual plates. Dip glass into syrup then dip into sprinkles to coat rim lightly & then swirl some chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass.Step 2: Fill up shaker with ice, add in all alcohol ingredients, cover & shake (15sec). Pour with ice into prepared glass. Garnish with chocolate shavings (optional). Mmm..Mmm Mmm…DAMN that’s good!

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