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Originally posted April 22, 2010 by Chris Zarus of TequilaRack.

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Tequila tasting flights are growing in popularity in bars and restaurants across the globe. With over 1200 Tequila brands (and counting), a growing number of folks are thirsting for information and guidance on how to select “better brands” to taste and compare. Progressive restaurateurs are leveraging the popularity of Tequila Flights as a catalyst for up-selling more Tequila, appetizers and desserts, thereby growing profitable sales through both menu listings and food pairings. ITG’s TEQUILARACK™ provides you with a complete system to experience this complex and most misunderstood “Nectar of the Agave Gods” in a fun, responsible and cost-effective way.

So exactly what are Tequila tasting flights ?

la cava del tequila, tequila tasting flightsGenerally, tasting flights of distilled spirits are comprised of at least three 0.25-0.5 ounce servings of similar items for customers to taste and compare. The two types of Tequila tasting flights are vertical and horizontal. Vertical tasting flights are three tastes of the same brand but of different ages. For Tequila, it’s typically a Blanco, a Reposado and an Añejo.

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