Women in the Tequila Industry

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Tequila Aficionado Exclusive Series

Have you seen Tequila Aficionado’s series on Women in the Tequila Industry by Tequila Journalist, M.A. “Mike” Morales?

From Bikini Babes to Boss Ladies

The contributions of women who create some of the amazing spirits we enjoy, direct production and distillation, support educational efforts, own brands we love, and otherwise contribute to the tequila industry are often overlooked beyond the 80’s throwback bikini-babe marketing efforts of behind-the-times brands.  (Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but when women make 80% of the buying decisions in America today, don’t you think brands would be better served by changing their marketing approach with the times?)

Catch Up With The Series

Click on the links below to visit our ongoing series and explore some of the amazing contributions made by women in today’s tequila industry:

Tequila Boss Ladies

“…women need to be comfortable seeing themselves as qualified leaders and risk takers.” Arianna Huffington

Click on the title to read more.

Women In The Tequila Industry: Ana Maria Romero Mena

The role of women in the tequila industry.

The report predicted that more women, in particular Latina/Hispanic women with family ties to agave growers and tequila producers, would join the ranks of tequila brand owners and also become influential in other areas of this traditionally male dominated industry.  Click on the title to read more.

Women In The Tequila Industry: Cecilia Norman

We continue our series of Women In The Tequila Industry with Cecilia Norman, Communication Manager for the Tequila Interchange Project, a non-profit organization and consumer advocacy group for tequila.  Click on the title to read more.

Women In The Tequila Industry: Ana Valenzuela

Apart from her many accomplishments (briefly summarized in our article, Tequila Boss Ladies), Ana is also the founder of Signo Tequila, a non-profit organization established in 2007 and dedicated to educating the public about tequila, agave conservation and Mexican cultural  products.  Click on the title to read more.

Women In The Tequila Industry: Sophie Decobecq

Aside from her wacky sense of humor where marketing her tequila is concerned (‘Tequila makes us smarter. So, drink smart” is one of her favorite slogans), Sophie has a unique perspective on the Tequila Industry.  Not just a female master distiller, Sophie is also French born which presents its own set of challenges.  Click on the title to read more.

Women In The Tequila Industry: Carmen Villarreal

Carmen Alicia Villarreal Treviño is a legend among Tequila Boss Ladies.  In fact, she is the original Tequila Boss Lady.  Click on the title to read more.

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