Tequila Tasting Tonight!

tequila tasting, tasting, sipping off the cuff


Tequila Tasting

For those of you familiar with our tequila tasting program, Sipping Off The Cuff, we’re filming today!

tequila tasting, tasting, sipping off the cuff


How Much is Enough?

24 bottles of agave goodness are lined up and ready to offer themselves to M.A. “Mike” Morales and Alexander Perez for tastings.  This table is laid out with some beautiful juice!  Look for Sipping off the Cuff, every Friday, until we run out of tequila!


tequila tasting, tasting, sipping off the cuff

Tonight’s Stars

Some of tonight’s stars include Gaviota

(click here to see where they got the name),

Demetrio, Dulce Dorado, Whispering EyeEl Silencio Mezcal, Penasco, Bonita, Avion, and more!

See anything you like?



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