The 2016 Heartland Tour in Pictures

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Heartland Tour Tasting in Kansas Leads to Distribution Deals

[The spirits that traveled with us were paid sponsors of the Tequila Aficionado Heartland Tour and paid a nominal fee to be mentioned here and on our networks as we saw fit.  Felipe’s Restaurant provided us with no payment but the food was well worth it.  We were hungry.]  Our Friends at Felipe’s The Lujano … Read more

And Away We Go! The Heartland Tour Begins!

And we’re off!  The Tequila Aficionado 2016 Heartland Tour is off and running!  You can still ride along vicariously though! Here’s the map of all the places we’ll be going: It’s an interactive map, so feel free to zoom in! Our Tour Schedule: Sept 11: Bracken Cave Bat Flight, TX (Look for live video on … Read more

Heartland Tour – September 11-October 3, 2016

    Our Tour Schedule as planned: Sept 11: Bracken Cave Bat Flight, TX (Look for live video on Youtube and/or Facebook & interviews) Sept 12: Lake Texoma, TX (Look for scenic stills) Sept 13: Drive to Wichita, KS (Look for live video on Youtube and/or Facebook & shenanigans) Sept 14: Private Sponsor Spirit Tasting at … Read more

Heartland Tour Map & Itinerary

It’s Official – We Have a Rockin’ Itinerary!! Here’s the map – it is a public map on Google so feel free to zoom in and really dig into it.  We’ve got some great stops and events planned that are going to make for epic content for our sponsors. Check the itinerary below the map … Read more

Tequila Aficionado Heartland Tour – Mas Mexican Freetail Bats

Have you heard about the Tequila Aficionado Heartland Tour? Every year, we take a little trip that allows us to create the sort of social media content that a studio and pro photographer just can’t create for you.  The content and posts we create for our sponsors is the sort of organic social content that … Read more

Open Bar #16 | The Heartland Tour

Due to technical difficulties, our scheduled guest won’t be able to join us this evening so we’re going to discuss our upcoming road show.  We’re taking our own show on the road withe the 2016 Tequila Aficionado Heartland Tour. If you’re interested in how you can participate as a sponsor or spectator in this especially … Read more

Tequila Aficionado Heartland Tour

Heartland Tour We’re planning to hit the road again this fall and we’re taking this trip in a whole new direction.  Our last trip was all about the great Southwest and the photo ops available there for Tequilas and mezcals, but this tour will be different – we’re going straight for the Heartland. What We’ll … Read more

Don Pilar Tequila

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Social Media Posts What goes with classic @felipeswichita Mexican food? Try some of these classic #tequilas coming soon! #sponsored #taheartland #nationaltacoday A photo posted by Tequila Aficionado (@tequilaaficionado) on Oct 4, 2016 at 12:30pm PDT What goes with classic @felipeswichita Mexican food? Try some of these classic #tequilas coming soon! #sponsored #taheartland #nationaltacoday A photo … Read more

Women In The Tequila Industry: Anahí Rivera

Building Casa 1921 One of the more prized and beloved tequila brands of the past twenty years has to be Casa 1921. Following a series of mishaps, poor business deals, and just plain bad luck by the owners of the brand, Anahí Rivera came to work in Texas for Casa 1921. She was a fresh-faced twenty-something marketing … Read more