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Hornito’s Lime Shot: A Must-Have For the Kitchen But Don’t Drink It!

…But It’s Against Everything I Believe In! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about reviewing Hornito’s Lime Shot but the folks who do Hornito’s PR were so nice that I thought I’d set aside my prejudicial notions and give it a whirl for their sake.  As it happens, I was correct in my […]

Tequila Test Kitchen: Avion Espresso Cake

Tequila Test Kitchen You may have heard about the Tequila Aficionado Test Kitchen.  I’d like to share one of our projects with you today. When Ken Austin was kind enough to send us a bottle of Avion’s brand new Avion Espresso, I fell so deeply in love with this rich nectar that combined my two […]

Welcome to the Tequila Test Kitchen!

Great recipes for tequila cocktails, cooking with tequila, and pairing with tequila are always welcome here at Tequila Aficionado.  We’ll share them with our readers in our articles and on our Pinterest boards. Click on any of the images below to explore our Pinterest Recipe Boards: Great recipes for tequila cocktails, cooking with tequila, and […]

Don Fermin Tequila

From the Don Fermin Tequila Website: Named after one of the Leyros owners late grandfather, Don Fermin sets the bar high for Ultra Premium Tequilas. Don Fermin is made from the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced from the rich earth of Los Altos region of Jalisco. Hand-selected at harvest for highest quality and […]

Alien Tequila

From the Alien Tequila Website: Alien Tequila is hand crafted from 100% Blue Agave made in the highlands of Tototlan, Jalisco Mexico at the famed Integradora San Agustin Distillery. Mr. Harris along with his Uncle Juan Vidrio and Ramon Esquivel have created one of the most sophisticated tequila’s earning two gold  medals from the San […]

1921 Tequila La Crema

From the 1921 Tequila Website: — LA CREMA DE MÉXICO — It only takes a sip to become immediately enamored with 1921® TEQUILA CREAM LIQUEUR. Served chilled in a snifter, it’s a glorious way to cap off a marvelous dinner. The delectable liqueur also adds marvelous depth and dimension to cocktails. Hand the bottle to […]

Diva Tequila

From the Diva Tequila Website: Diva Tequila represents quality and value. The creation of Diva tequila was inspired by Blaine and Carmel, partners in our famous brand. It was decided that we needed to create a special tequila for women, one that women can enjoy sipping or mixing without the traditional burning sensation you receive […]

Tequila Aficionado Wiki

Welcome to the Tequila Aficionado Wiki!  With so many brands in our portfolio of reviews, recipes, articles, and tours, we felt it was time to create a Wiki where aficionados could find one-stop convenience in exploring all of our content on particular tequila, mezcal and sotol brands.  With that in mind, we are creating a […]

Spice Up The Holidays with Peligroso Cinnamon!

Peligroso Cinnamon is back! I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Peligroso Cinnamon out and about again since its move to Diageo. We received a sample of the previous infusion (before the Diageo buy out and distillery move) and it was a huge hit with us.  In fact, we awarded it a […]

Siempre Tequila – Bartenders Battle in Toronto #respecttheagave

We haven’t tasted Siempre yet (we’re hoping to) but we like to encourage any events that promote tequilas – especially in Canada, where a wide variety of agave spirits is hard to come by. If you attend this event, please let us know how it went. We’d love to share your video or written review. […]

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