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De La Tierre Maple Cinnamon Liqueur

de la tierre maple cinnamon liqueur reposado tequila

“The maple trees of the north and the agave from the south have French kissed while dancing the Salsa.”

Lisa Pietsch (Quebecois, hockey and tequila lover) reviews her first taste of De La Tierre Maple Cinnamon Liqueur (Reposado tequila with real Canadian Maple Syrup added).

Read her full review by clicking here.

de la tierre, maple, tequila, cinnamon, liqueur

maple creamcinnamon roll coffee

de la tierre maple cinnamon liqueur

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The Vancouver International Tequila Expo


The First Annual Vancouver International Tequila Expo (VITE) was announced by Founding Partners Eric Lorenz, Manuel Otero, Mirko Morhac and Darryl Lamb. The event will take place on May 12, 2012 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and is sponsored by Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant and the Consulate General of Mexico in Vancouver. Proceeds from the event will benefit the British Columbia Hospitality Foundation (BCHF), the Hospitality Industry’s own charity.

“Tequila is a spirit with a protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.) status like those of Cognac, Armagnac, Single Malt Scotch and Champagne.  It derives from a unique mix of Old World and New World tradition, with centuries if not millennia of rich history in every glass,” said Mr. Lorenz. “Here in British Columbia consumer choice has languished due to minimal diversity of available 100% agave brands, and thus tequila has not yet gained the same reverence or market-share as other world renowned D.O. spirits.  The Vancouver International Tequila Expo is going to elevate the perception of this bold, tradition-laden, world-class spirit in our province.”

Join dozens of tequila producers and brands and hundreds of attendees in an exploration of Mexico’s most famous agave spirit. The General Public is invited to the Grand Tasting Hall on May 12, from 6 PM to 9 PM for an entry fee of $65.00.  Attendees will be able to sample the full lines of well-known brands like Tequila Don Julio & Cabo Wabo Tequila, lesser-known newcomers to the market like T1 Tequila Uno & Tavi Tequila and brands not yet imported to British Columbia such as Azuñia Tequila.

A Trade and Media Tasting will be held on May 12 from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Expo site for a nominal fee. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the BCHF. Tasting Seminars will also be held early on the day of the Expo, for imbibers wishing to learn about the history, culture, and production processes of tequila in Tequila 101, or about the prehistoric precursors to tequila in “Ancient Origins of Agave Spirits”.  As well, Tasting Menus will be featured at a number of participating eateries and cocktail bars around Greater Vancouver.

Further details can be found at www.vancouvertequilaexpo.com.  Tickets go on sale Friday, March 16 at 10 A.M. at www.ticketstonight.ca.  Additional exhibitors, sponsors, seminars, and participating restaurants will be announced as they join the event.  Finally, a Media Cocktail Launch Party is scheduled for April 17 at the Edge Social Grille & Lounge from 3 TO 6 PM.

For media inquiries, please contact Eric Lorenz at 604-836-4319 or email eric@vancouvertequilaexpo.com.

About the Expo: The Vancouver International Tequila Expo was conceived in 2011 and is Western Canada’s largest festival devoted to growing the tequila category and building a strong community of Canadian aficionados of Mexico’s most well-known spirit.

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Tequila: The Year in Review

year in reviewAccording to figures released by Herradura, the number of cases of tequila exported annually are…

  1. US 11.5 million

  2. México 7.5 million

  3. Germany 450,000 

  4. Russia 300,000

  5. Canada 250,000

  6. France 200,000

  7. Greece 190,000

  8. Japan 150,000.   

Of worldwide tequila production, Mexico bottles 33% while the United States bottles 51% as bulk mixto. 


However, figures released by the CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) state that from January to October of 2009, there was a 19% drop in tequila production from 2008.  

A reporter for Excelsior Online recently commented in his column that despite Mexico’s economic drop of 7% during the recession, as of October 2009, sales of tequila have increased 10% over last year. While this columnist attributes the rise in tequila consumption to consumers trying to make the recession more bearable, others in the tequila industry are more optimistic about the future.

Juan Beckmann Vidal, president of Casa Cuervo, sees enormous worldwide potential in the exportation of the Spirit of Mexico, particularly into Asia.  He foresees the annual sales of 137 million liters of tequila to double in the next five years.

With the current instability of each country’s economy, it will be interesting to see what the final production figures are at the end of 2009.

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