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A Tequila Fact Most Don’t Want to Admit

Tequila newbs will often namedrop. It gives them away every time. A controversial sound bite from my upcoming dynamic article, The Evolution of The Tequila Bar, featuring Mercado restaurant and bar in the heart of Santa Monica, CA. Marco Antonio Ramos Monterrubio, the former manager of Mercado, reveals the one tequila fact that most don’t want to admit. […]

Three Things to Look For In A Tequila…

The one thing?  No, three things! Click on the photo to explore them now with Catador Marco Antonio Ramos Monterrubio.    

Unlocking Mercado’s Mexican Spirits Treasures

Welcome to Mercado where they keep the spirits of Mexico locked in a treasure chest of amazing proportions! Click here to see Marco open the vault!

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