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Sipping off the Cuff: Cerritos Anejo

Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Cerritos Anejo. The Cerritos Tequila Process is at the core of the value of our products. While many Tequila companies use ‘first time’ burned casks to make their tequila, the way the cask is burned has an influence on the nuances of the end result.  Antonio Cordova, the […]

Sipping off the Cuff: Hacienda del Sol Blanco

Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Hacienda del Sol Blanco.     .  

Sipping off the Cuff: Tapatio 110 Blanco

On the anniversary of the first importation of tequila into the United States, Tequila Aficionado proudly presents Carlos Camarena’s most recent offering to Mayahuel as Alex Perez and Mike Morales taste & discuss Tapatio 110 Blanco.

Tequila Aficionado Podcast #3 (Part 3 of 3)

The continuation of Podcast #2, this is Tequila Aficionado Founder, Alex Perez, and CEO, M.A. “Mike” Morales meeting face-to-face for the first time.  They met in July of 2006 at a restaurant in California and tasted Siembra Azul, Dos Lunas and  Jarro Viejo tequilas. Tequila Aficionado Podcast #3 (Part 1 of 3) Tequila Aficionado Podcast […]

Sipping off the Cuff: Tequila 88 Anejo

Tequila Aficionado’s Alex Perez and Mike Morales taste and discuss Tequila 88 Anejo. Visit Tequila 88 online here. Follow Tequila 88 on Twitter here. Follow Tequila 88 on Facebook here.   Sipping off the Cuff Sipping off the Cuff™ began as an audio podcast in 2006 and is Tequila Aficionado’s first and longest running tequila […]