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Tequila Brand Listing (NOM List) as of 4 November 2013

Our updated list of distilleries and tequila brands “Nom List”, as of 4 November 2013, is now available for download in both PDF and Excel formats.  Click on any of the underlined items within the list to be taken directly to our reviews, articles, tasting notes and features on each tequila brand. Each of our […]

New NOM List (Dated 17 September 2013)

This NOM list had a surprise when we opened it. Be sure to scroll to the end where you’ll find “BRANDS OF TEQUILA BOTTLED IN MEXICO OUTSIDE THE DOT CERTIFIED BY THE TEQUILA REGULATORY COUNCIL”. Yes, we were just as surprised as you are! 17 September 2013 NOM List PDF 17 September 2013 NOM List […]

Latest Tequila NOM List (Dated 5 August 2013)

Click here to download the fully sortable (all fields filled) 5 August 2013 NOM List in Excel Format courtesy of Tequila Aficionado. Click here to download the quick access PDF version of the 5 August 2013 NOM List. Click on any link within the list to see the Tequila Aficionado articles and reviews done on […]