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Tequila Distilleries and Brands (NOM List 2 June 2014)

More interesting goings-on at the CRT lately! When the lists were released on the 26th, somebody uploaded the wrong file to the CRT website. ¬†Apparently, it went unnoticed by CRT desk jockeys for a week before they fixed it. ¬†But they did fix it. And then the next day, the released a whole new NOM […]

Latest Tequila NOM List (12 August 2013)

Click here to download the fully sortable (all fields filled) 12 August 2013 NOM List in Excel Format courtesy of Tequila Aficionado. Click here to download the quick access PDF version of the 12 August 2013 NOM List. Click on any link within the list to see the Tequila Aficionado articles and reviews done on […]