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Mike and Alex were so impressed with Baron that they nominated it for the 2014 Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Awards in both the Blanco and Packaging categories.


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From Baron Tequila: 


Baron Tequila is a new, ultra-premium tequila handcrafted in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico and certified gluten free and kosher. We embarked on a two-year tequila fact-finding mission to create the category’s next premier product. At Baron, family is very important to us so to carry out our vision, we partnered with the family-owned and operated Ansan Distillery, where 20-years of experience oversees each step of the tequila making process – from growing and harvesting the agave to the triple distillation and bottling. We have spared no expense or amount of time to make Baron Tequila the epitome of quality spirits. We look forward to you joining the Baron family as you experience our product and share our love of premium tequila!


Baron has achieved a uniquely, clean smooth taste through a natural process maximizing the power of the agave itself. After 10 years of growth, only the best parts are harvested for production and then slow cooked at a low heat allowing for all of the sugars to caramelize. Hand-guided pot-still distillation cooks off all of the impurities leaving only the “heart” (the best part). Baron is then distilled three times. Not once, not twice, but three times resulting in an extract that gets cleaner and cleaner ultimately achieving a zero-zero taste profile; eliminating any bad odor and bitter taste. Unlike larger industrial producers, Baron is able to achieve a pure taste without the use of glycerin or other additives. And to make sure our product is consistent, a panel of three tasting experts samples each batch to confirm it matches the original. Quality and consistency are of the utmost importance.


All of our bottles are also made on site by glassblowing artisans with decades of bottle-making experience. Ansan’s glassblowers first select the best quality glass possible and then engage in what they call a “four-touch” process guiding the glass into shape utilizing both human touch and sophisticated machinery to mold the ornate design directly into the glass itself. The 750ml bottle features decorative floral embellishments wrapping around the bottom and sides of the bottle, while the top boasts an engraved version of the Baron logo featuring two dragons flanking an agave plant.

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In Spanish, Baron refers to a magnate or mogul, a nobleman in some cases; a higher power. The project to create Baron began during the year of the dragon, considered by the Chinese to be the luckiest. In fact, many Eastern cultures associate dragons with wisdom and outstanding people. We immediately felt a connection and synergy between the symbolism of the dragon and the name of Baron.


Tequila Peñasco Plata Review by Steve Coomes

Penasco Plata, Peñasco, silver, blanco

As an old journalist, I fancy myself a decent researcher, but gathering good intel on Tequila Peñasco is difficult. Its website is buggy and provides scant information about what appears to be a young brand. The oldest press releases there date back to 2013 and its distribution in the American market is only to seven states. Its extra añejo expression is 39 to 42 months old, however, which proves the brand’s given its products at least four years’ consideration.

There’s no claim that Peñasco distills its own juice (made from Highlands [Jalisco] agave, according to another website), so it’s likely the spirit was made at an unnamed plant and sourced and, for all we know, blended by Peñasco.

Thankfully, its four-expression lineup is simpler to understand, especially its plata. It’s about as straightforward as tequila gets. Flavorful, smooth, sippable or useful in cocktails. Aficionados everywhere try, try and try again to find deeper more complex flavors in everything we sip, but this one hides nothing: it’s all up front and presented on the proverbial platter. No deep thought needed. Just taste and appreciate.

Immediately and throughout the mouth, you get roasted agave and white pepper. With a moment’s wait comes a little lime. Nice. A couple more sips delivers a pleasant toasty note backed by a little fusel alcohol and some shy minerality.

After its peppery-fruity intro, you get more minerals and a bit of brine mid-palate, which I love. Unfortunately, that effect doesn’t come back with more tasting; I only get it when my palate is completely clean.

Since it’s light bodied and refreshingly sweet, it’s good (maybe best?) consumed neat. But there’s no lingering finish at all. You swallow it and it’s gone. Some will definitely find such cleanliness ideal, but I like some “mouth memory” for further consideration upon exhaling.

It works in cocktails, of course, but it doesn’t stand up well to particularly sweet or fuller-bodied mixers. For example, if your sour mix is straight lime and agave syrup, be sure to thin out your syrup at least 1:1 to help this plata cut through. Otherwise it doesn’t stand a chance. Even fresh-squeezed white grapefruit gave it a bit of a fight. The rest of the line, which I’ll review later, stands up admirably to the mixer test.

Need a Vacation?

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NOM List: Tequila Brands List (7 Apr 2014)

Tequila Brands Updated

Hornitos Tequila - Green River Runs Through It, tequila brands, hornitosOur updated list of distilleries and tequila brands, the “Nom List”, as of 7 April 2014, is now available for download in both PDF and Excel formats. Click on any of the underlined items within the list to be taken directly to our reviews, articles, tasting notes and features on each tequila brand.

Tequila Brands Old & New

embajador, tequila, anejo, tequila brandsEach of our NOM Lists contains the names and information of brands that have previously appeared on NOM lists in the past but have since been dropped by the CRT. Pinpointing your treasure bottles has never been easier! Please understand that this list is not a comprehensive list of every tequila brand ever made. We make every effort to be sure it is as accurate as possible from the time we at Tequila Aficionado Media began publishing our lists in 2013.  



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Click to download the format of your choice:

7 April 2014 NOM List in PDF format

7 April 2014 NOM List in Excel format

Click on any RED link within the NOM list to see the Tequila Aficionado articles and reviews on that brand.

*Color Coding*

  • Brands highlighted in Green are recent additions (see comment on Excel spreadsheet for first shown date)
  • Brands highlighted in Red did not appear on the current list (see comment on Excel spreadsheet for last shown date)

Hornitos Welcomes Game of Thrones with Fire & Ice

hbo, game of thrones, Daenerys, hornitosHornitos loves Game of Thrones!

The season four premiere of Game of Thrones was Sunday night.  As you replay it on your DVR, enjoy all of the fiery battles and drama that come along with this epic season by mixing up this cool cocktail courtesy of Hornitos  – The Hornitos® Fire & Ice cocktail.

With tensions rising in the Seven Kingdoms, watch as Daenerys and her dragons embark on a journey to claim the Iron Throne as her birthright. Sit back, relax and enjoy the battles ensue right in front of your eyes with this Hornitos® Game of Thrones series-inspired cocktail.


game of thrones, fire & ice, HBO, hornitos


Hornitos Fire & Ice

  • 1 part Hornitos® Plata Tequila
  • 1 part concord grape juice
  • ½ part lemon juice


Add ingredients to glass over ice and stirPreparation:


Hornitos® Plata Tequila Fun Facts: Hornitos® Plata is a premium tequila that isn’t afraid to act like one. It’s made from the flesh of Blue Agave and exudes smoothness with hints of clove and floral spices. The purest of expressions, Hornitos® signature cultivated yeast and sealed production system ensure that Hornitos® Plata retains its unique agave flavor.


Hornitos® Plata is Not Just Any Tequila

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