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The First Program of Its Kind Specifically Designed for Distilleries, Importers, Distributors, Small Brands, Retailers, Restaurants and Bars

Tap into the our influence and reach millions of agave spirits lovers who are just waiting to hear about your business.  Grow your network  ten times faster by reaching real people who are anxiously looking for your products and services.

"Use our powerful  platform to build yours."



This is for you if...

You are associated with a brand has been nominated for or won a Tequila Aficionado Brand of Promise Award from 2013 to the present, a brand that was featured on Last Tequila Standing in 2011, or by special invitation from Mike Morales or Lisa Pietsch of Tequila Aficionado Media.

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    Your social media strategy needs a jump-start.
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    Your accounts aren't giving you any social media love.
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    Thousands of dollars in glossy industry ads haven't increased your sales.
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    You're struggling to find new customers.

A Comprehensive Program of Advertising, Social Marketing, and Message Amplification!
Designed specifically with distilleries, importers, distributors, small brands, retailers, restaurants, and bars in mind...

You'll receive all of this and more with your 2019 Amplification Package:

Banner Advertising

•Header ad on for three days every month for 12 months 

•Linked ad in the Tequila Aficionado Newsletter for 12 months (includes over 20 newsletters)

[$6000 Value]

Blog Syndication

We'll syndicate your blog to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn audiences.  

[$500 Value]


A Pinterest Pinboard on Tequila Aficionado, Lisa Pietsch and Mike Morales’ Pinterest accounts (and shared with you) reaching over half a million people every month.

[$500 Value]


We Pin (to Pinterest) everything you post to Instagram and then Tweet it out to Tequila Aficionado, Lisa Pietsch and Mike Morales’ Twitter followers every day.

[$3650 Value]



A sponsor mention on our Podcast which is available on all platforms and receives over 7,000 listens per month.

[$850 Value]

Your Price $11,500


Get instant access to our 2019 AMPLIFICATION PACKAGE now!

Grow your audience now and have agave spirits aficionados buzzing about your business.

Grow Your Business by Partnering With Us

By partnering with Tequila Aficionado, you will connect with the world’s leading information source on all Mexican and agave spirits and the consumers who buy them.  Build your business reach exponentially.

Exclusive Advertising. We only partner with brands that are associated with or have been nominated as Brands of Promise(c).

Our following is completely organic and never buffed up with fake followers, likes, or engagement.  We'll help create that same, sustainable, organic growth for you.

We share and promote your content to a qualified, relevant, and large audience across our social media platforms.

We provide opportunities through influencer events, on-site courses and classes and major spirits events events in the U.S. and abroad.  This ensures you have access to high-quality connections to make your business stand out.


Consistent Facebook Growth

"Facebook has an entire interface designed for businesses, complete with business profile pages and an advertising system that allows marketers to target their ads based on the wealth of information users provide about themselves on the site. This interface not only generates revenue for the company but also creates a rare opportunity for small businesses with limited advertising budgets and a need to reach specific audiences."

Massive Podcast Exposure

“People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you otherwise don’t find.” And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom—and that boom is only getting louder."

Bonus Training and Consulting for Your Success

When you partner with Tequila Aficionado, we're with you every step of the way.  You'll also receive these bonus materials to ensure a successful year ahead:

Special Onboarding Checklist to cover all the bases and ensure you're on track for a successful year ahead.

Social Action Plan for amplification partners on how to Amplify Your Reach.

Editorial Calendar for planning the upcoming year's promotions and posts around important holidays. 

Content Curation Handbook for making the most of user generated content about your business (not just ours but everyone's).

With You Every Step Of The Way for 365 DAYS!

Because we believe in your business, we want to ensure the very best success for your future.  We'll be with you--telling the world about you--for the next 365 days.


Proven Twitter Reach

"Twitter is important for a business looking to expand social reach. Retweeting and lists, for example, reach potential customers far outside your normal marketing methodologies. Your followers become the distributors of your message, so their followers see mentions of your company as coming from a trusted source. This adds credibility to your company and spreads your message to previously untapped demographics."

Consistent Pinterest Growth

"Pinners are engaged, loyal advocates. And that advocacy isn’t just limited to browsing. In fact, a large majority of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy. According to research released by Millward Brown, a whopping 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. They also found that 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I just pay for the parts I want?

What do you do that my PR Agency doesn't?

Can this package be purchased for use with several brands?

Will you manage my social media too?

Get instant access to the 2019 AMPLIFICATION PACKAGE now!

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We'll send you the Special Onboarding Checklist to cover all the bases and ensure you're on track for a successful year ahead.  While we're setting up your account and a year's worth of message amplification, you'll receive the Social Action Plan, Editorial Calendar and Content Curation Handbook so we can make sure you're reaching millions of agave spirit lovers well into 2020 and beyond.account

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