From Babes to Boss Ladies

Women in the Tequila Industry The title of this book “From Babes to Boss Ladies” is a reflection of the evolution of the perceptionof women in the tequila, and other Mexican spirits, industry over the past several decades.   This book is being published in an effort to recognize, respect and pay tribute to the contributions of modern women in the industry and … Read more

Estimado Pendejo: Confessions of a Tequila Mad Man

Tequila Aficionado Review of Estimado Pendejo: “This is Grimm’s fairy tales for Mexican spirits. Tragicomedy that defines the agave spirits industry more than any of us would like to admit. You could pour a glass of tequila and enjoy a laughternoon with this book, or you could look beyond the snark and see the thriller … Read more

New Release: Social Media Marketing Playbook for Tequila and Mexican Spirits

Social Media Marketing Playbook for Tequila and Mexican Spirits: Straight talk and comprehensive checklists to keep your brand on track The Tequila and Mexican spirits industries are complicated businesses that eat their young. The last thing brands are thinking about while wading through all that red tape is their social media platforms. When sales are … Read more

New Release: From Babes to Boss Ladies

tequila boss ladies

From Babes to Boss Ladies: The women who contribute to and create tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other Mexican spirits (Profiles in Tequila Book 1)  Women in the Tequila Industry   I first met outspoken botanist and author Ana Valenzuela in the mid-2000s on a trip to tequila distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico.  The respect and … Read more

Review of Tequila! Distilling the Spirit of Mexico

There are too many fascinating facets to Marie Sarita Gaytan’s book, Tequila! Distilling the Spirit of Mexico. Gaytan takes the reader on a sweeping journey of Aztec myths and legends, pre-and post colonial occupation; from the Mexican Revolution to Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema, all the way up to 2014, the date of the book’s … Read more

Tequila: A Global History by Ian Williams

There are few books on the subject of Tequila that are considered classics.  The Book Of Tequila by the late, great Bob Emmons, stands out as the most essential for any student of agave spirits. I consider Emmons the first, true Tequila Journalist.  He was the first American author to demystify the much maligned Mexican … Read more

The Montelobos Mezcal Project

[After The San Antonio Cocktail Conference held in January, 2015, Tequila Aficionado Media caught up with Dr. Iván Saldaña, producer of the upstart mezcal, Montelobos, a partnership project with the makers of Milagro tequila.  A featured speaker during the conference, here’s our in-depth discussion held at the bar of the lavish Westin Riverwalk Hotel.] La Anatomia del Mezcal In Dr. … Read more

Cleo Rocos’ Perspective and Bartenders’ Wisdom

Cleo Rocos and Alex Perez agree: Sip Wisely! Do tequila aficionados the world over a service and help the uninitiated learn the correct way to drink tequila: Only drink 100% Blue Weber Agave tequilas Sip, don’t shoot. Have a glass of water between drinks to stay hydrated. Bartenders’ Wisdom: The True Keys to Happiness are … Read more

Review of Grant MacPherson’s Word of Mouth by Lisa Pietsch

One of the benefits of working at Tequila Aficionado is that we’re often privy to tequila scuttlebutt.  When I heard whispers that Mary Clemente, boss lady of Jurado Tequila, was working on something with well-travelled celebrity Chef Grant MacPherson, I had to know more. It isn’t just about the tequila for me.  My interest lies … Read more

Tequila Revisited: A Redemption Story

Dan Pashman of The Sporkful did an audio interview with Ilana Edelstein, author of The Patron Way. We felt it was worth sharing since we’d recently reviewed Ilana’s book. You can read Lisa’s full review here. Click here for the audio of Dan Pashman’s interview.   Never miss and article or review again – Subscribe … Read more