Margaritas in Ireland

[Editor’s Note:  On this day after 2018’s International Margarita Day festivities, Tequila Jockey, Jim Johnston, shares his fond recollections of margarita making inside Ireland’s renowned Dick Mack’s Pub & Brewhouse, while visiting relatives in 2017.] No Country for Cocktails Ireland is not a cocktail country. Don’t get me wrong, I had several well made drinks … Read moreMargaritas in Ireland

Happy Valentine’s Day from Embajador Tequila

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered what to pair with tequila for a Valentine’s celebration?  Embajador Tequila has put together a Pinterest board to help you with surprising your Valentine, or maybe just treating yourself and friends, to some delightful holiday pairings. If you’ve had Embajador, you’ll know that the orange groves surrounding their … Read moreHappy Valentine’s Day from Embajador Tequila

The #BlancoFriday Holiday Tasting Challenge – Still Sipping

If you haven’t heard about the challenge, you can read the rules by clicking here, or follow the link in our Instagram profile.  If you’d like to browse who’s participated so far, check out these great pictures!  

National Tequila Day – The Struggle is Real

Saludos! Greetings! Salutations! I’m Mike Morales of Tequila Aficionado Media. In the next few hours, maybe the next few days, depending on when you’re watching this video, we will be celebrating National Tequila Day (for those of you globally who follow us, it’s International Tequila Day). It is very appropriate as we’ve been fighting this … Read moreNational Tequila Day – The Struggle is Real

Festive Foods for Cinco de Mayo

OK, you’ve invited all your friends, made your papel picado and paper flowers, done your tequila shopping and washed your favorite pitcher in anticipation of the big day. Have you thought about what you’ll feed your guests? Once again, we have you covered! Check out these pinbboards for some great Cinco de Mayo ideas.

Tequila Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Are you over Margaritas? Try these tequila cocktails for Cinco de Mayo!  

Mix Up Some Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Margarita Madness Mix up a pitcher or 5 of your favorite marrgaritas for Cinco de Mayo! Don’t have five Margarita recipes? That’s OK because we’ve got you covered with every type of Margarita you can imagine. Grito!  

Ready for Cinco de Mayo?

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo? Get ready with some of these great pins we’ve collected to make your Cinco de Mayo its most festive.

The BIG Business Of Kosher Tequila, Part IV

Why Go Kosher? That’s what we asked several Kosher tequila and mezcal brand owners and ambassadors.  Some of their reasons may surprise you. Richard Sorenson, Founder of Dulce Vida Tequila, the only 100 proof organic tequila to date, comes from an organic foods background having developed the first USDA organic energy drink on the market to … Read moreThe BIG Business Of Kosher Tequila, Part IV

The BIG Business of Kosher Tequila, Part III

[An urgent text message about Kosher tequila from an agave beverage manager at a thriving new bar in New York City, and the resulting questions raised from research into this misunderstood market from all points–tequila and mezcal brand owners, consumers, and rabbinical representatives of the Jewish faith–prompted me to finally discuss the positive, often flawed, and vastly under served kosher … Read moreThe BIG Business of Kosher Tequila, Part III