Tequila PR Growing Your Brand Package

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This Package is Not Currently Available

We will continue to service our current clients who may wish to renew but, due to increased demands on our time, will no longer offer social media services to new clients. If you would like assistance with your social media, please join the VIP notification list for our Social Media for Agave Spirits Course which will be available in early 2019.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage social media for agave spirit brands or agave spirit specific training for your social media manager or PR agency, please join the VIP notification list for our Social Media for Agave Spirits Course which will be available in early 2019.

Introducing the Tequila PR Growing Your Brand Package:

You've got passionate tequila lovers following everything you do, but they can only drink so much.  You need more customers, more accounts, and wider distribution.

You want to be able to hand off your social media management to someone you can trust who knows how to build a following fast and make drinkers, accounts, and distributors sit up and take notice.

The Tequila PR Growing Your Brand Package is a monthly package of social media management services that will grow your online presence and prove you’re an up-and-comer.

When you partner with us:

  • You don't need to buy bots to boost your numbers because you've got real followers who buy your brand as quickly as you can ship it.
  • Your social media manager knows how to present your brand as the class product it is.
  • You have more time to sell because you don't have to hold your agency's hand and explain tequila culture.
  • You have an agency that understands your product and customers intimately.

This year's tour was a huge success for brands like 4 Copas Tequila.
Thank you for making it possible and your continued support of the agave world.

Humberto Ibarra

Glassbottom Spirits

An excellent investment with a proven return…

We soften the market for you by building your brand reputation in the tequila drinking world and getting customers to ask for your brand by name, driving greater demand from consumers and distributors worldwide.


Currently unavailable.

How the process works after you secure your spot:

  1. Schedule a short call to discuss your goals for your brand.
  2. First month's payment.
  3. Create a detailed annual social & advertising strategy for your brand.
  4. Grant us access to your social accounts.
We'll take it from there!​


Here’s what you get:

  • One-on-One Personal Service
  • Dynamic Action Plan
  • Watching Your Back & Keeping Your Cred
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Scheduling & Posting
  • 5 Weekly Posts Each (M-F)
  • Build Your Twitter Following Like Crazy
  • Attention Grabbing Header Graphics for Facebook & Twitter (1 round of edits)
  • Chatting Up Your Followers Daily​


Currently unavailable.

Who this is for:

100% Agave spirit brands that have been nominated (any year) as Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise or appeared on Last Tequila Standing.
Brands that have an expanded line of agave spirit expressions.

Who this is NOT for:

Agave spirit brands that we have not tasted and/or have not been endorsed by Tequila Aficionado as a Brand of Promise.

About Us:

Miguel “Mike” Morales has had his finger on the pulse of every level of the agave spirit industry from growers to distributors since 1999.  Lisa Pietsch has been building and growing online communities and networks since 1999.

We have been partners in growing the Tequila Aficionado platform and reach since 2012 and can do the same for your brand.

Mike" is the subject matter expert in his field. I always enjoy hearing from him. He is a wealth of knowledge. When you need tequila help, this is the man to talk to.

Steven James Peterson

Agave Sun International


Currently unavailable.

Lisa's attention to detail is remarkable. She has a gift when it comes to marketing and helped me navigate the tricky and sometimes confusing social media world. Her advice and audience building advice was priceless and greatly helped increase my sales. 

Virginia Nelson

USA Today Bestselling Author

Mike is the single most important expert on Tequila within the United States. He has the respect of his peers and followers around the world. I recommend his work to all that would like to learn more about the Tequila culture and industry.

Shaun Cassidy

International Business Growth Strategist


Q: Will you work directly with my ambassadors?
A: Yes!  You and/or your ambassadors can let us know when you'll have tastings/events and we'll provide advance social publicity as well as post any pictures or videos they send us from events.
Q: I already have a PR Agency.  Will you work with them?
A: If your agency doesn't provide the services we offer, we're happy to work with them to provide a consistent, cohesive message across all of your marketing channels.  We do insist on complete transparency though - we do not subcontract to agencies without your knowledge.

Q: I already have a team.  Will you train them?
A: Yes, we do provide team training upon request.



Currently unavailable.