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My Quest for a Universal Frozen Margarita Recipe

By Ryan Kelley | 07.24.12 Over the last month I’ve been developing and testing a recipe for frozen margaritas. I just published my findings at Cocktails are what the Examiner readers want, especially today—Happy National Tequila Day! But for you, my fellow tequila-sippers and adventurous explorers of agave spirits, I thought you might like … Read more My Quest for a Universal Frozen Margarita Recipe

Holiday Gift Guide

By Ryan Kelley | 11.23.10 The Thanksgiving turkey will come and go, and looming ahead is the kick-off of holiday gift buying madness:  the dreaded and feared, yet wildly popular “Black Friday.” It’s always great to give (or get) the latest gadget, the newest electronics , and, of course, a shake weight, but here are … Read more Holiday Gift Guide

Sammy Hagar Sells Out Completely to Campari!

Skyy Spirits is building on its recent growth spurt. Skyy — the San Francisco-based North American base of operations for Italian parent Gruppo Campari — is looking to add at least six and staffers to its current roster of 92, including senior brand managers for its Wild Turkey bourbon and Cordials brands. In June 2009, … Read more Sammy Hagar Sells Out Completely to Campari!