Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Tequila Anejo [Transcript]

Watch the original Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Tequila Anejo video here   MIKE: Hi, I´m Mike Morales, you´re watching Sipping Off the Cuff! On part of Tequila Aficionado Media. That gentleman right there, his name is…   RICK: Rick Levy in San Diego.   MIKE: I´m in San Antonio. And Rick, … Read more

Sipping Off the Cuff | Titanium Tequila Anejo

In this episode of Sipping Off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Rick Levy get their first taste of the new Anejo from the makers of Titanium Tequila. From the Titanium Tequila Wesbite: Our tequilas begin with the world’s finest 100% tequilana blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jaslisco, Mexico. Each of our agave … Read more

Sipping off the Cuff: Demetrio Tequila Anejo, Take 2

Mike & Alex revisit Demetrio Tequila Anejo after major changes to the brand Click To Tweet Sipping Off The Cuff™ Sipping Off The Cuff™ began as an audio podcast in 2006 and is Tequila Aficionado’s first and longest running tequila review program. Sipping Off The Cuff(TM) is broadcast every Friday (and occasionally Tuesdays) on YouTube … Read more

Tequila: It’s the heart and soul of Mexico, and it’s in trouble.

Originally Published May 11, 2003   Tequila has come under enormous pressure in the past decade and it is not faring well in many sectors. By Ian Chadwick Tequila Aficionado Magazine Contributor/Columnist First, it became a victim of its own popularity. As international – particularly American – drinkers turned to tequila as the new “hip … Read more