Monday Madness: Como?

Como? It’s Monday Madness at Tequila Aficionado. Enjoy this silly outtake from Sipping off the Cuff. Monday Madness at Tequila Aficionado. Click To Tweet   Sipping off the Cuff(tm) began as an audio podcast in 2006 and is Tequila Aficionado’s first and longest running tequila review program. Sipping off the Cuff is broadcast every Friday … Read more

Sipping off the Cuff and Choking on Your Tongue

We have a fairly relaxed work environment here at Tequila Aficionado Media. Perhaps that’s an understatement… We drink tequila at work and make fun of each others mistakes. Thanks to modern technology, we can tell the world about the silly things that happen all in a day’s work at Tequila Aficionado. Never miss and article … Read more