A Truckload of Agave – Agave Spirits, That Is

Agave Spirits Everywhere!     If you’ve been following Tequila Aficionado Media closely, you may have noticed a lull in the weekly Sipping Off The Cuff ™  episodes that traditionally have aired every Friday. As you may know, every tequila, mezcal or sotol label that submits samples for Sipping Off The Cuff ™ is automatically entered into our ground-breaking … Read more

Pinterest: Tequila Aficionado Memes

We work hard here at Tequila Aficionado. No, no, really.  We do. Some days we’ll spend hours just throwing silly witticisms about and making memes about them for Pinterest.  (To prove to the CEO that we’re working, we create Pinterest Pinboards with them.) If any of you ladies take offense, please remember that our COO, … Read more