Women In The Tequila Industry: Kim Brandi

No other Tequila Boss Lady to date inspires more compassion and empathy from women, colleagues, and tequila connoisseurs alike than Kim Brandi. Although surrounded by swirling controversy from constant legal–and very public–battles over the much sought after juice and painted skulls of her brainchild, KAH–Day of the Dead Tequila, she continues to move forward. This … Read more

Happy Holidays from Tequila Aficionado & Friends!

  Happy Holidays! We wanted to share the good cheer and some of the great holiday cards we’ve received this season. Have a Malinalli Christmas – We are!Malinalli Tequila, Malinalli Tequila: Not just an Agave Spirit. Posted by Tequila Aficionado.com on Thursday, December 24, 2015         Subscribe to Tequila Aficionado Magazine Tequila … Read more