Tequila With a Modern Twist: The Story of Yeyo Tequila (Part 2)

Continued from Part I By Ryan Kelley | 03.15.11 It’s halfway through my interview with Jon Bullinger, founder and owner of Yeyo Tequila, and the rain in Portland, Oregon, continues to fall relentlessly. Having already discussed how he created the flavor profile and shape of his tequila (in part 1 of this interview), it was … Read more

Tequila as Jon Bullinger Intends: The Story of Yeyo Tequila (Part 1)

By Ryan Kelley | 03.05.11 Not often do you have two influential experts write about a topic, head to head, under the same roof, and have it published, for all to see – no holds barred! Mike Morales, our Executive Editor and Ryan Kelley our Senior Editor, both had the chance to sit and chat, … Read more