We Made Room For a Few More!

Cowboy Up for the 2017

We’re launching our 3rd official outing and wild horses shouldn’t stop you from coming along on—

The Wild Wild West Tour.

You’re receiving this exclusive invitation for one of two reasons:

You’ve raised the bar of craft agave spirits by being nominated and /or winning a coveted Tequila Aficionado Media Brand Of Promise© Award, or…

This ain’t your first rodeo.

You’ve been on the road with us before.

2017’s excursion will take us through--

Van Horn, Texas

White Sands, New Mexico

Tombstone, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

San Diego, California

Pasadena, California

Palm Springs, California

Here’s What You Get

Take a look at this mind-blowing agave excitement we have planned:

Tequila Aficionado Articles

Punching 375,000 to 3 million people in the gut!

Facebook Pics & Video

Grabbing 50,000 to 3 million people by the collar!

Distributor Tastings

Distribution is not guaranteed, but we'll get your brand past their lips!

Instagram Pics & Video

Hog-tying 53,000 to 3 million people!

YouTube Video

Out gunning 375,000 to 3 million people!

All Combined - A Great End-of-Year Campaign

Hog-tying 15 million people!


Altogether, just one of each piece of social content would quick draw at least 1.28 million and up to 15 million people.

Wait? What?

Yeah--15 million.

And that’s before you and your fans share and repost on your networks!

Bottom Line

Sign up now and tell us how many expressions you want to send along at $350 each.

We’ll be in touch with all the details.