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tequila, tasting, alexander perezBy Alexander Perez | 05.22.10

It’s interesting to stand by and watch how people gravitate to the same tequila brands over and over again. The “big” brands have the marketing dollars to place ads in magazines, sponsor car races and take out huge billboard ads throughout the city. So when people think “tequila” these are the first that come to mind. Unfortunately, the same happens with uninformed retail “advisors” and believe it or not, untrained or uninterested waiters and bartenders – the ones that should be encouraging us to try something different and explore new and un-heard of brands.  When someone asks for a tequila, instead of recommending something different they reach for the “standard”.

Its time to break the monotony and stop being a creature of habit! Today there are so many good tequilas (and not to forget mezcal and sotol) out in the market it would be a sin not to try something different. Many are afraid to take that chance and venture into a new bottle since the chance might mean spending some good money on something you may not like.

The answer? Do a little research and find the local bar or Mexican restaurant with a good tequila selection or even a tequila menu. These places offer an opportunity to try a few brands, try a few types (blanco, reposado, anejo) and discover what you like. Local restaurants and bars also conduct regular tequila tasting events throughout the year. These are great opportunities to taste many different brands and hear the stories behind them. Once you know what you like you can invest in a bottle or two. And if you are a true Tequila Aficionado and Ambassador, pass on your knowledge and discovery to others, even your local bartender. Maybe next time they will have a good recommendation for you. So get out there and explore something new!

Feel free to comment on your favorite bar, restaurant or retailer and how they have introduced you to new treasures.

Alexander Perez is the founder of Tequila Aficionado.com having thought of the idea of a premium tequila and mezcal online magazine back in the early 1999. With an extensive background in wine and spirits, having been in the industries for many years, Alex fell in love with the under appreciated spirits of Mexico, Tequila and Mezcal. His mission: to educate the public on these fine spirits.

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