mike morales, tequila journalist, tequila aficionado, tequila, fermentationsBy Mike Morales | 06.02.10

Tequila aficionados the world over know that smell.  It’s familiar to every tequila distillery from the Lowlands to Los Altos.  That sour, acrid, almost other-worldly smell that is compelling and revolting, alluring and repulsive, all at the same time.

Once you find the source of the stench, the distillery’s fermentation tanks, and look inside, you are even more astonished by what looks like a giant science project gone terribly awry.

Resembling the monster from the cult classic B-movie The Blob, the brown liquid inside bubbles, breathes, and pops as if it has a life of its own.  And literally, it does.

The foam slithers from one end of the tank to the other, consuming itself, and leaving a rancid vapor trail.

Like a bad car accident on the freeway on your way to work, you can’t help but stare at the frightening froth formations and bursting bulges.  Then, you do the unthinkable…

You stick your finger into the hot, slimy soup, and hoping nobody notices, you lick it off of your finger like a dog eats its vomit!

That’s exactly what this blog is all about.

Tequila Tabloid?

While all the articles on TequilaAficionado.com, The Magazine are thoroughly fact checked, this blog contains…

Buzz…innuendo…rumor…scuttlebutt…scandals…gossip…insider information…off-the-cuff remarks…musings…brash statements, and careless whispers.

Think of it as a tequila tabloid cleverly placed at the check stand as an impulse buy.

But as with all tabloids (somewhere between the two-headed alien baby, and Angelina Jolie’s Photo Shopped cellulite-ladened thighs), a few of the stories actually turn out to be true.

Some of the facts may have become muddled, but others emerged crystal clear.  And just like double distillation, the details may not have shown themselves as originally intended, but the outcome was either fairly accurate or right on target.

It’s sort of like licking the mosto off of your finger—

The taste doesn’t resemble tequila, yet, but it’s not half bad.

So, inhale deeply and enjoy the putrid aroma of Fermentations.

You know you want to!

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