Step outside your Casa Doors and get New Don Tequila

By Ryan Kelley | 08.16.10

It seems that every day brings not only a new dawn, but a new brand of super-duper-ultra-premium 100% blue agave tequila – a new “Don Whatever Tequila” steps onto the stage and attempts to steal a little bit of the spotlight (and market share) occupied by the big boys: Jose Cuervo and Sauza, or the trendy, exclusive Patron. For tequila aficionados who like to sip and explore, this is a good thing, and, while an unofficial moratorium on the use of “Don” in yet another brand name is now being spread; a new “Don” tequila is inevitable.

I was thinking about Mark Twain earlier today (if you’re in San Diego and enjoy wit and Americana, check out the TwainFest this Saturday, August 21st – you’re welcome, Old Town) and it got me pondering language. And, since part of my brain is always thinking tequila (if Tila’s more your thing, send in the insane clowns) I began recollecting tequila brand names that don’t employ “Don” in their name (except one), but still say “tequila.”

Important Note: Please feel free to contribute, argue, examine, curse, correct, make up, or advertise something by commenting below. This is your sandbox, too, amigos! It’s fun AND free, tequila aficionados!

Tequila means “fun”:

  • Cabo Wabo – 1) Going to Cabo is fun. 2) Fun to say means fun to drink!
  • Muchote, Yeyo, paQui, Teteo – Even if you don’t know what the word is: fun to say means fun to drink!
  • Partida – In English, “partida” translates to “game.” Games, like “Charades,” are fun to play. “Sounds like: Party, duh!”

Tequila means “up/lifting”:

Tequila means “bold and/or strong”:

  • 1519 – The year Cortés landed in what is now known as Mexico.
  • Revolucion – “Revolution!”
  • Don Pilar – Not the “Don” part…the “pilar” (to crush) part.

Tequila means “sexy and/or dangerous”:

  • Tres Mujeres – “Three ladies!”
  • Abandonado – “Abandoned.”
  • Yeyo – Cocaine!

Tequila can be over thought:

  • Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila – Or is it Maestro Doble, as in, give me a “double.”

Tequila often costs a lot:

  • Casa Dragones – At $250 a bottle (750ml), that’s a lot of $1’s to drag out…

I hope these words have inspired you to head over to a/the bar and stare at some tequila. Please report back with your discoveries.

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