Cue the Mixto Tequila – Jose Cuervo launches national ad campaign

With 100% agave-based spirits slowly eating away at the sales of mixto tequila, the world’s largest tequila producer, Jose Cuervo (, today launched a national marketing campaign. “Cue the Cuervo” will roll out on television, Facebook and other online arenas, print and radio advertising, as well as support  and visibility in bars and retail outlets across the country.

The first television advertising spot, “Bar” can be seen on the Cuervo Facebook page ( and is also embedded below. This ad, plus another called “Apartment” will air on cable networks including ESPN, HBO and FX and on sites including,,, and The ads center around the concept that Jose Cuervo can transform a night from ordinary to legendary. The logo for the campaign (see above) embeds the word “Cue” into the traditional Cuervo logo.

In a press release, Paul Clarke, Jose Cuervo Brand Director at Diageo explains, “Jose Cuervo has been a category leader in quality and innovation since creating the tequila industry more than two-and-a-half centuries ago, and ‘Cue the Cuervo’ pushes the envelope in marketing quality and innovation…The campaign reminds consumers that Jose Cuervo is the one element that can bring the night together, and it does so in a compelling, interactive manner.”

One of the digital extensions of the new campaign will be an iPhone application that, according to the press release, “leverages mobile technology to provide consumers with a one touch option to request a safe ride home.  The ‘Cue the Cab’ program will synchronize the consumer’s location with a cab company for pick-up at no additional cost for the coordination, ensuring that the most legendary nights out end with a safe, responsible ride home.”

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